25+ Medium Length Straight Hairstyles Bring Versatility To 2021

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Medium length straight hairstyles provide versatility in styling options. It’s the perfect length to experiment with casual, elegant and eclectic styling. Put the ‘fun’ in funky with some unusual touches. Softly cascading layers create an intensely feminine look while providing the basic cut for a myriad styling possibilities. Asymmetrical layering and choppy layers firmly state your daring nature. The hairstyle is easily changed to suit your mood. Whatever style you choose, be sure to finish it off with bangs.

Medium Length Straight Hairstyles Bring Versatility To 2021

Bangs are incorporated into most of the modern hairstyles for medium length tresses. It’s not surprising when considering all that they do to complete a hairstyle and overall look. Bangs are ideal for framing your face and covering a too-long forehead. They beg for the same versatility in styling. Make them full, tapered, wedged, chunky, wispy or segmented. Medium length hair with bangs is particularly well-suited for round faces. It creates the illusion of narrower cheeks. Soft layering of this length is the most effective way to achieve a slimmer facial appearance. Be sure that all of the wisps reach the bottom of your chin or lower. Also, be sure to keep your hair straight because curly hair of the same length has the opposite effect.

Layering injects both volume and definition into your medium locks. It makes heavy, thick hair more manageable and lend body to thin hair. The length and cut of the bangs are also effective at creating illusions. A full, low blunt cut creates an entirely different look than angled or tapered bangs. Avoid high, short bangs unless you want to open your face up and make it appear longer. There is no limit to the looks that can be achieved. Make an upsweep, fashion a fancy ponytail, create a new twist on the braid; you’re looking at limitless medium length hairstyles.

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