35+ 6 Methods Of Medium Length Hairstyle Domination

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Medium length hairstyles are fairly easy hairstyles and are very popular amongst young women, though they come in a variety of forms most of them feature delicately fitted short cuts and layers. The technique can also be used as a safe way of getting rid of damaged hair patches. Moreover, it can be applied when your hair is growing in-between lengths or when trying to propagate a new short layered cut. There are various medium length designs that one can consider, some of them include.

6 Methods Of Medium Length Hairstyle Domination

1. The Blunt

Here, the hair is delicately cut across the head at shoulder’s length. A stylist can either keep the bangs long or straighten strands to give a sleek office look. Alternatively, the fashion enthusiast can consider adding small, straight bang cuts that render a more whimsical feel. Smooth gel can also be applied on the hair strand ends to give a more defined punk look.

2. Bob

Most bob hairstyles are light-layered haircuts at the edges to form a neat round contour. It can also be subtly curved above the shoulder line for a fresh and original appeal. The design may be worn together with bangs and the options vary ranging from short strands to cross swept versions. It’s also appropriate to have a high-layered or choppy bob for a refined look. This is one of the most attractive medium length hairstyles. Any form of bob can be curled in at the ends to give a more sophisticated feel, or alternatively curled out for a flirtatious appeal.

3. Oval medium length hairstyles

A standard oval hairstyle is natural and attractive. It involves cutting the hair at back of your head in a narrow elliptical design, with the middle strands being longer than adjacent outer ends. Light layering may also be applied around the facial area to cover the forehead; this can also be supplemented with sturdy lock bangs. Oval lengths can look exceptionally seductive when earmarked with a slight curl.

4. Shag

A typical shag haircut may be worn right at the shoulders or slightly above. The haircut can as well be layered to form a nice shaggy silhouette, with all loose end left uneven. This technique is popular for its ease of maintenance; sometimes it can be as simple as just blowing the hair dry. Nevertheless, if you are interested in a more sophisticated look then apply some root lifter at the edges to give the hair a mini-bouffant feel.

5. Slant

Slant cuts are usually shorter at the backside than front. Moreover, these slants could be subtle or dramatic depending on the owner’s fashion sense. This is one of the few hair designs that should absolutely be put on without bangs. It can be cut straight or blunt in a single layer, or one may choose to use several layers cut all down to the crest. This technique looks exceptionally impressive when worn with a straight hair. You may either leave it to be natural or use some gel to form sharp and bristle ends, this helps in creating a nice slant bob appearance.

6. Double Pageboy Style

This technique involves cutting hair straight across the head at ear’s length. The ends may as well be curled in a way that they either flip inward or out for a more elegant look, moreover one’s back head can easily accommodate two layers of hair strands. However, the hairdo should be done in such a way that all strands remain uniform lengthwise.


There’s a wide range of medium length hairstyles that one can consider, nevertheless one should always look at the shape of their heads before choosing the most appropriate one. These popular hairstyles can either be curly, straight or pulled backward from the user’s face.

Wavy designs are recommended for women with long or oblong faces, this is because they help minimize the perpendicular appearance of one’s facial features. Bangs can also be used to create an illusion of a protracted face appearing shorter on the surface. When applying this hairdo for the first time it’s advisable to consult with a professional hair stylist. In addition, flat iron can be spread across the strands to make them glossy and smoother thus radiating a more refined look. You can now make a fashion statement amongst your peers by donning one of these artistic hairstyles.

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