25+ Add Copper Highlights on Brown Hair for Gorgeous Look

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You might be quite familiar with several hair color especially brown hair color. Adding copper highlights on brown hair will be one of the best ideas you can have to make you look amazing. Though there will be several different ways to get this exact hair color, natural color is one of the best way to get this color.

Adding copper highlights on brown hair will be quite easy to do naturally as long as you know how to get it naturally. However, many people have known it will not be that easy to find natural hair color and get the best result with it. Instead, people will not be able to get the color they want since they do it in rush. You might have seen how difficult to apply natural hair color for your hair, but there are benefit behind that some people often unrealized it. You will find how it will be an easy step to finish.

 What You Need to Do

You will find several things to prepare before you might add copper highlights on brown hair. It will be quite easy things to prepare to help you get the best result for your hair color. These are what you need to get the best copper highlight on your brown hair: egg, 1/3 cup marigold flowers, distilled water, non-metal pot, 1/2 cup red wine, henna, 3 tbsp dried calendula, 3 tbsp. dried hibiscus and 2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar. Those are several things to prepare to help you get best result for your hair. After you have ready with those things for the hair color, you will be able to move to directions.

Copper Highlights on Brown hair

The first step when you might want copper highlights on brown hair, you need to make sure that you have take proper care of health and your hair. You are suggested to take several healthy food and alos vitamin A and B which will shiny and healthy head. You will also find your healthy body will give you natural shine look brighter. This is the first key to make your hair look beautiful with copper highlights on brown hair.

Other than those simple things to do at the beginning, you will also need to keep it shine by using conditioner regularly. You will find that a conditioner which is designed specifically for red hair will help you enhance the color you have in copper highlight. It is also suggested not to use a blow dryer for your hair since it will only dull the hair’s luster and will bring more detriments to your hair. The only key to get copper highlights on brown hair naturally is using a natural marigold dye to apply to your hair. You can have 1/3 cup marigold flowers and 2 ½ cups distilled water to a non-metallic pot. Those are the key that will help you get amazing color of copper highlight for your hair.

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