35+ Add Highlights for a Bright 2021

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Add Highlights for a Bright 2021, It’s the New Year and therefore the perfect time to make a New Year’s Resolution to have the beautiful hair that you deserve. For brunettes, this year having beautiful hair means lightening up. Because in 2021, highlights are both the hottest and the freshest trend. While deep brown can be a lovely color, the problem is that it often comes across as looking flat and plain. Highlights for brown hair are the perfect way to add visual depth and dimension to a drab-colored do.

The brightness compliments the dark and vice versa, making your natural color even more noticeable and stunning. It also makes brown hair much more fun and interesting when it is styled. The contrast of blond against brown adds the perception of body and gives added detail to looks such as ponytails, braids, buns, and sleek blowouts. Highlights are also a great way to frame a woman’s face and draw the on looker’s attention to her cheekbones, eyes, and lips in particular.

Add Highlights for a Bright 2021

Highlights for brown hair also change the way a woman is perceived. They add a little edge and personality to a woman’s look. They make a person with brown hair look more approachable, easygoing, friendly, and carefree. They literally make a person look as though they have ‘lightened up.’ And the result of this is amazing. Further, with winter drawing to a close and spring right around the corner, it is a natural time to transition from a darker to lighter look. It is a time for change and a time for sun. And now your hair can compliment the brighter, bolder colors that you add into your new spring wardrobe.

So this year, emphasize the beauty of your brown by adding highlights. This year is your year to shine. So don’t hide under your brown hair- highlight it. And here’s to a bright 2021.

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