25+ African American Little Girl Short Haircut Styles

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Long hairs are long gone it’s the new era and this era is of short and medium length hairs. Hairstyles are for all people but all hairstyles are not for a single person. One should keep his face shape, skin texture and nature of his hairs in mind. Here in this blog I would like to share some of the short haircut styles for African American little girls. It’s been notice that mostly the African American girls have rough and curly hairs.

Sleek Bob Haircuts

This style is for people having short faces. This style will give you perfect and glamorous look in crowd. This style comes with a heavy side bang that gives you sleek look. This style is obtained by blowing hairs. And then by dividing the hairs into two parts than one bang is flipped backwards, and the other is straighten downwards.

Golden Highlights

This style is obtained by just applying color on simple bob haircut. This style is perfect for young girls having heart shaped face. The important part is of applying color it should be done carefully and precisely.

Funky Curls

If you want to look funky this hair cut is perfect for you. This hair cut is perfect for girls having short shaped face. This hair cut style has every thing in it. In this style the hairs are just razor removed from both the sides and that hairs on the upper head are curled up. And then hairspray is applied to arrange them in that shape.

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