35+ Audrina Patridge Hairstyles

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You can imitate Audrina Patridge hairstyles when you want to look stunning and amazing without doing too much. If you have natural wavy texture with natural brunette color, you can certainly copy her hairstyle in order to freshen up your look. You don’t need to do a lot to achieve the wavy locks and healthy hair do, simply keep your hair healthy with conditioner and also the right styling products. If you are interested in getting Audrina Patridge hairstyles, there are several simple steps that you can try.

Audrina Patridge Hairstyles

After all, Patridge is known for her natural and dramatic styling. She was born as natural blonde, when she also looks great when she changes the color into deep brown and brunette. Be sure that you use the proper and right conditioner and shampoo to compliment your look. Be sure that the shampoo has volumizing feature and formula. When you dry out your hair, be sure to use your fingers only. Only use round brush so you can add volume and turning your hair ends under. It will provide rather neat result.

Audrina Patridge

Cut the bangs in chin skimming cut and layers. To add curls and waves, you can use rollers. Part your hair in sections and leave it just about 30 minutes so you can have soft and bouncy effect in the end. You can imitate Patridge’s various different looks, with different colors as well. The casual long wave. In this style, Patridge comes in lighter color tone. Like usual, she comes with waves and curls, but with central parting. It creates retro and relaxed style. The casual curls. This style is basically the same as the previous cut, but with more and pronounced curls and with deeper brunette color. in this style, you can pair your hair with long side swept bangs.

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