35+ Awesome and Cool Hairstyles for Girls

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It is a great thing to be a teenager because that is the time when you have the freedom to experiment with your style and try out all sorts of different things. Nobody will look at you the wrong way if you color your hair bubble gum pink or shave one side of your head and braid the other. But try to keep in mind that you need to consider the shape of your face, because not every hairstyle works for every face shape. Also contemplate a bit on the type of hair you naturally have and incorporate that into your look. You will easily make this fun hairstyle if you pull just a couple of stiches in the braid out and create the messy look.

Awesome and Cool Hairstyles for Girls

This is a hairstyle you can make only if you have really long, thick hair because the braid needs to go all the way around your head. Try finding strong bobby pins if you want your hair to stay in place. When you are a teenager you have the freedom to experiment with your style and especially your hair, because that is what always reflects your personality the most. You can dye your hair pink or have and undercut or anything else you want and that is ok because it is your time to try new things and find what works for you. We have some inspirational hairstyles here for you. Lots of different cuts, colours and styles for you to check out. Teenage life is adventures and full of change – let your hair follow you in your adventures.

Cool Hairstyles for Girls

The first thing you will need to do to make this hairstyle is take your flat iron and straighten your hair if it is not already straight. Then slowly continue with the braiding and make sure that you don’t make any hair bubbles. If you have thin, silky hair this is the style you should try because the bow braid will give your hair fullness. Section of the hair you are going to braid or, in this case, the fringe, use the end of a rat-tail comb for this and clip back the rest of the hair. Make a french braid out of the fringe, starting from your ear and once you are done tie it with a clear elastic. Then take a piece of hair next to your ear and brush it. Take a hair pin and slide that piece of hair through the first section of the french braid and continue until you have pulled it through the whole braid. Pull each section out to make it look like a bow.

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