35+ Best Home Hair Color for Brunettes

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What is the Best Home Hair Color For Brunettes? Many of us are often change hair color in order to be different. Actually you do not need to go to the salon for hair coloring because you can always do it yourself at home. Don’t be distracted when hear about stories regarding the failure of one’s hair color or those who don’t choose the Best Home Hair Color For Brunettes. You do not need to worry, just follow the steps – steps how to dye your own hair below and undoubtedly our appearance so hair looks different without having to get out a lot of money.

Brunette Hair Color

Now, how to hair dye your hair easily and more efficient with the best result? Here is some tips you can follow:

  • Choose The Right Color. You have to be carefully in choosing the appropriate hair dye according to the shape of your face and skin color to us because we certainly do not want to be insecure because one can choose hair dye. Select two levels or contrast with the older original color our hair. For example, if your hair is brunettes, you should choose the Best Home Hair Color For Brunettes.
  • Use Gloves. Hair dye is a chemical liquid that can be lasting for a long time on your hands. Therefore you should use gloves (can be made of plastic or rubber) to protect our hands.
  • Wear Used Clothes And Towels. During the process of coloring your own hair, your clothes certainly very risky for hair dye to spill. So during the process of drying the hair after shampooing, surely there’s few residual color left in the hair so it can be dirty clothes and towels.
  • Protect Your Eye, Ear And Other Part Of your Face. To avoid discharge hair dye, you can protect parts of your face that are at risk of seepage such as hair dyes: ears, eyes, etc. Use Vaseline or lip balm.
  • Performing Hair Dyes. If you have chosen the Best Home Hair Color For Brunettes, put hair dye in a bowl, and then stir until smooth and ready for use. Paint your hair by dividing the hair into sections and then start coloring hair from the top. Make sure all the hair has been covered with the perfect hair dye. No part thicker and vice versa.

Let The Hair That Has Been Dyed Stand. After all the hair flat covered by hair dye, then the next step is that we set aside our hair in accordance with the manner in which the length of life is written in the box of hair dye. When we previously colored hair gray – gray, then we can add 20 minutes longer than the time stated on the packaging. Do not forget to occasionally wipe the hair dye that seeps into the back of the ears, neck and forehead us Shampooing. After the standing process is complete, the next step is we wash our hair.

Best Home Hair Color for Brunettes

Pour a little water to the surface of our hair and then little by little we add the volume of water we pour until all our hair wet. Let stand for a moment, and then we rinse until clean. For some brands of hair dye, hair conditioner has included in every package. Use this conditioner, then let stand for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly and allow hair to dry on its own without us rub with a towel / use a hair dryer. Now you are ready to flaunt your hair that has been dyed with the Best Home Hair Color For Brunettes.

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