35+ Best Short Bob Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women

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The bob hairstyle is not only famous in white women but has also got its repute among the black women. The reason behind this is that the short hairstyle is easy to handle and to take care for. Hair is one of the most troubling affairs for the women, whether they are white or black women.

If you are used to see the latest ongoing trends than you must have noticed that the bob hairstyle are making their way back in the fashion industry, as many black women are seen supporting this short hairstyle.

Short Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

Know the shape of your face and then chose the length of the bangs falling on your face, as by doing so you will make the positive features of your face come in the limelight and hide the flaws of your face. This short bob hairstyle is promoted by Keri Hilson now, as she is wearing her hairstyle with highlighted and curled bangs.

Asymmetric bob hairstyles

This hairstyle is not easy to manage, as it requires proper care and treatment in order to stay in the right shape. You can also opt for a single side of your hair while having the bangs falling on your forehead. In order to avoid the extra volume on your head try using a anti frizz range of hair products.

Razor cut bob hairstyles

This razor cut hairstyle is specially suited to those black women who love to have straight lines. The razor cut is suited most on the round face shapes as it makes you look more leaner.

Inverted bob hairstyles

If your hair is thin than this is for you as it instantly boosts up the volume f the hair and makes the hair look fluffy. Side swept bangs and with curls in the hair you can accessorize this hairstyle.

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