40+ Blondes Going Brunette

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Brunette hair color is the one, which looks natural and at the same time hot and mysterious. Most women are going darker in order to create such image. There are several ways to go brunette, so if you have made up your mind you wear this color, check out coloring tips to create dazzling look. Before going darker pay attention to your skin tone, because this color is suitable not for all complexions. This color will look just smashing on fairy skin tone and on subtle dark tone. The contrast between light skin and dark tresses will create sexy look. Get an inspiration from beauty icons like Kim Kardashian, Forgive, Megan Fox and many others who chose brunette to accentuate their individuality.

Blondes Going Brunette

There are two types to create brunette color, natural and hair dye. Most women go for a perm. You will be able to choose from wide palette of brunette color. Permanent hair color will last longer; however, you should take care of your tresses in order to protect the color from fading. If you are not sure whether brunette color will be suitable for you, you can go for a semi-permanent coloring. This type of coloring is less harmful and will not last long. If you have damaged hair, do not go for a perm, because this process can damage your hair. In this case use black henna. Mix henna with water, apply the mixture to your tresses and leave it for an hour. Natural hair coloring will not only color your hair, but will also repair it.

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