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Is Brazilian Blowout Hair Loss safe to use? Women are generally happy to go to a salon to perform a variety of beauty treatments. One of them, in order to tame the frizz and curl using hair straighteners products. But, be careful. Therefore, this treatment may be harmful to health.

Brazilian Blowout Hair Loss

In the United States, a product known as the Brazilian Blowout Hair Loss hair straightening techniques as well as the product brand first appeared in Brazil in 2005. The combination of high humidity, mixed race, and the populations most curly-haired, make the nation as a loyal customer of this hair straightening technique. Brazilian Blowout and then spread throughout North America and Europe, and are popular in various circles, including Hollywood celebrities. Brazilian Blowout claimed to provide straight and shiny hair for three months. At the same time, the product is claimed to be free of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a chemical that is commonly found in beauty products, although in very low concentrations. At a certain level, these substances may be carcinogenic or cancer-causing, and is associated with leukemia, cancer of the nose and throat, even Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Currently, there are various products hair straighteners on the market, which often contain formaldehyde in various levels. Oregon health officials have tested 100 samples of hair straighteners products, most of which are labeled “formaldehyde free. ‘ They found that many of the products that contain more than 0.1 percent formaldehyde than allowed contained in the product in the U.S.. Meanwhile, the Canadian government has issued a warning about the health hazards that may arise. While the French government withdraw hair straightener products that have high formaldehyde content.


In early March 2021, the Cosmetic Ingredient Review, an agency that is responsible for reviewing and assessing the safety of ingredients used in cosmetics, issued a warning. They say, can not be concluded that formaldehyde is safe to use in cosmetic products intended to be aerosolized or produce gas. In fact, the Brazilian Blowout Hair Loss products require heat from the hair dryer and flat iron to straighten hair, which in turn releases formaldehyde fumes into the air. That is, you can inhale the smoke that cause cancer, even though you were just sitting in the same room with people who are undergoing the process of straightening hair.

Hair straightening is included in the main reasons women come to the salon. If you belong to one of them, you should be aware of the dangers of chemicals contained in hair straightening products. Security and safety departments in the United States (OSHA) recently issued a warning hair straightened products that are often used in salons for using formaldehyde. This chemical helps bind keratin to hair to straight hair. This Formaldehyde has long been identified as carcinogenic material in many countries. Besides the hair straightened products, these chemicals are also found in different levels in smoothing product (straightening and smoothing hair), although the packaging says “formaldehyde free”.

Brazilian Blowout Hair Loss product claimed results straight and soft hair that can last up to 3 months. Brazilian Blowout technique combines the heat of the hair dryer and hair clamp for straightening hair that has been given hair straightener products. Formaldehyde fumes are released into the air can be inhaled by people in the same room.

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