Buddy Porter

(310) 278-8930
8820 Burton Way Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Stylist at the Mèche Salon

Buddy W. Porter is a global hair stylist specializing in dry haircuts and modern styling. She began her hair career in Orange County, California, where she focused on the principles of Sassoon haircuts. Porter left his client behind to move to Los Angeles to further his career. Inspired by music and art, Porter looks at hair like a sculpture. Each haircut will be different. Everyone has different hair, a different head and face shape. This is why it is important to make sure that the haircut is personalized. Porter always lets your hair compliment not only your style, but also your lifestyle. Often, when asked why he only cuts his hair when it dries, his answer is pretty straightforward. You’re not wearing your hair wet, why are you cutting it wet? I want to make sure that I see exactly how your hair will create naturally, so the lowest care of your hair may be possible. Having your hair almost effortlessly is one of Porter’s main goals. If you can easily style your own hair after I cut it, that’s one of the best feelings. Giving someone the freedom to just wash up and go is something I aim for.”Porter goes to New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Chicago and Portland.

Instagram: @buddywporter

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