35+ Change Your Look with Side Fringe Hairstyles

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Fringe hairstyles would suit any girl’s face which is why if you want to give yourself a sophisticated and soft look than go for the fringes. They are also called side bangs which are short from one side of your hair from the front falling on your forehead. They give you a cute and elegant look. If you have short or long hair does not matter, side fringes look great on any kind of hairstyle. Side fringe hairstyle look perfect on straight hairs or wavy hairstyles giving you a dressy and pretty look.

Easy to Manage

I like personally like fringes and since they grow long very fast so I have to cut them every three months to get them back to short fringes. You can cut them yourself too if you know the guidelines but if you do not then consider it getting cut from a hair stylist. Side fringe would also look great on the messy bun which hairstyle is very much in trend nowadays. Some people like to curl their hair and keep the fringes straight from the front making it look cute as well. The side fringes are better than the middle one so try it out if you have not gone for this look of your hair.

Enhance the Looks

The fringes change the whole look of your face and your hairs. It looks flattering for any shape of face and if your hairs are silky than consider using wax or hairspray to keep them set on one place. The short hair falling down your forehead looks cute and gives you a stylish look as well. A lot of girls prefer fringes which do suit their face and personality. Since your personality is enhanced by the hairstyle you keep so make sure maintain your hair well. Even if you do not have much makeup on and your hairstyle is decent you would still look attractive and pretty.

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