Cherin Choi

787 South Alameda Street Suite 160 Los Angeles, California 90021

Owner and stylist at Nova Arts Salon.

Tue moved to the United States from Mexico at the age of 13. He touched his first pair of scissors soon after and has not stopped since. She graduated from the Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy and began working at the respected Sally Hershberger Salon and later at the Ramirez Tran Salon in Beverly Hills. Tue continues to push herself to become a better artist. She enjoyed working with many celebrities and artists, as well as children, teenagers, mothers and grandmothers. His focus is on creating quality work and letting it speak for itself. After four successful years in Beverly Hills, three years at Ramirez Tran, Tue, who most recently worked in salon Benjamin, New York, San Francisco and Mexico City, is now creating an entirely new outpost in the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles.

Instagram: @mizzchoi

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