Colour Bar & Hair Studio

200 S Solano Dr Las Cruces, New Mexico

Color Bar & Hair Studio was inspired in January 2014 after Veva (owner) returned home from a European Tour. There he lived a simple and minimalist lifestyle. He liked that time never seemed hasty. There he rediscovered an appreciation for simplicity, sophistication and natural beauty. When you choose Color Bar & Hair Studio, your service will never rush. In a busy world, we want you to enjoy being still.

Our studio is designed with an open and inviting concept where our Stylists can interact with you throughout your entire service. Our relationship with each customer is extremely important, so we guarantee our undivided attention during your visit. As a customer-oriented studio, you can observe and interact with us as we customize your color formula. It is our desire to focus on meeting your hair needs by using the right tools to achieve excellent results.

The studio environment is designed with collaboration in mind. When you visit the color bar, you will often find that stylists share ideas, encouragement and support, and duyacaksınız.Biz we are present and deliberate.

Instagram: @colourbarlc

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