30+ Cool Reverse Crown Braid Updo

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Interested to create Cool Reverse Crown Braid Updo? Hair braid is no longer synonymous with the innocent and introvert girl. For those of you who have long hair or medium, some braid hair styles could be an interesting idea. Who knows in the near future you should be dressed up for a romantic dinner with your spouse or whenever you feel like to look cute with hair braids. Cool Reverse Crown Braid Updo is one of the braid styles that are very popular nowadays. There is three braiding step you can use as a guide. You need to recognize these three techniques to produce stylish braids order.

Cool Reverse Crown Braid Updo

Classic braids (Three Strand Hair). Divide the hair into three sections with a thickness equal to (A). Begin to put strands located at the upward side of the strands in the middle (B). Right strand over the middle strand, then left strand over the middle strand, did turn up to the ends of the hair (C) and tie the ends of rubber wear. French braid (braids attached to the scalp). This variation requires a bit of practice to master. The basic pattern of the model was plaited braids with classical models.

Starting at the hairline line area, take part and divide hair into three strands with the same thickness. Then do the classic braiding technique: thread right over the middle strand, the left strand over the middle strand. Before repeating this process, add a little hair on the string which is in the side, and then take it to the top of the combined strands middle strand. Continue this technique up to the nape. Rest length braided hair in a classical way. Variation of the Netherlands called country braid. Almost the same as the French braid; just thread the string associated to the bottom of the center, not to the top.

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Fishbone braid (braids fishbone models). Bring the hair to the back of the head and split into two equal parts thick. Take a thin strand of each outer side of the right and left strands. Bring thin strands left to right of the string, while the thin strands of right-left united with large strands make sure the string is of the very thin edge and lay on top. Continue until all the hair plaits. The important thing to remember is to always take a thin strand in the same amount so thick braid patterns remain consistent.

For Cool Reverse Crown Braid Updo, you need to know some classic braid style. Some of this classic style is perfect for a formal party or black-tie events, such as wedding anniversary, company anniversary, and evening cocktail party. For semi-formal event, some of these styles is very sweet and quite easy, because you do not have to braid neat or symmetrical. In fact, quite a thin braid hair, one or two braids, and tie or clasp to the back. You can apply some of these ideas for a formal dinner date, engagement, or when you first introduced to the prospective in-laws. 3. If you do not want the hassles of braiding hair but do not have the time or lazy to the salon, some of these styles are very easy to apply. With the Cool Reverse Crown Braid Updo, you can go clubbing, a trip to the shopping mall, friend’s birthday party, or a regular date with your spouse. Do not forget to watch your makeup and clothes that do not look messy or do not prepare well.

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