30 Cute Korean Hairstyles for Medium Hair

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Now a day any hair style that makes people look beautiful, attractive and unique gets popular. When we talk about hair styles for medium hairs Korean hair styles are good choice. As it can be noticed that most of the Korean girls have black hair color so one should have the same type of hair color who intends to follow Korean hair styles. Here in this blog I would like to share some of the Korean Medium Hair styles.

One the famous and popular hair style for medium hairs among Korean Girls is Korean Waves Hair style. This hair style can be followed by both the people having whether Long Hairs or Medium Hairs. But it goes brilliant with medium length hairs. In this hair style the hairs are brushed, curled and rolled with hot rollers in the form of waves. Another important factor is that this hair style suits people who have long face texture.

Cute Korean Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Another famous hair style is Korean Bob and Wave hair style. This hair style only suits the Medium Length Hairs. In this hair style the bottom of the Hairs are shaped in the form of the waves but forehead is covered with hairs. This hair style is the mixture of the Wave hair style and the bob hair style. This style suits heart shaped face. Above mentioned are two famous and most followed hair styles of Koreans, for medium length hairs. But one should keep his face textures in mind before adopting any style.

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