25+ Cute Pixie Haircuts Ideas

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I am going to talk about the most anticipated pixie haircut which is just a perfect haircut to look decent and sophisticated. There are many different ways in which you can have a pixie haircut and you can choose the one that best suits your face and overall appearance. Some pixie haircuts can be purely feminine and others could be messy. You can look greater if you go for hair color that goes well with the haircut. You can choose anyone of the above that best suits your face structure and improves overall looks.

Have Fun with Style

In Razored edge pixie textured is kept soft with slight edge. The haircut has wispy bangs, razored side burns and short layers along with feathered nape. The pixie with spikes is short with textured ends. It is basically super short pixie and is edgy. Adding few spikes on few layers looks very trendy. In Sugar pixie the haircut is kept short around the ears but left slightly longer around rest of the head. It looks like cotton candy. The Coiled curls look rocking in short hairstyle. You can have fun if you just pile up all your hair on top and then cascade softly on the forehead.

Natural and Soft Look

Grown out Pixie is another great style, you can have layers on top and long bangs on sides. The pixie shag is achieved with a razor in zig zag manner and look like shag. You can keep your hair cropped short and can have curls that look so natural and soft and is great to have vintage curls for short hair. If you want to look hot in your short hairstyle you can have Raging Red in which hair is left fuller on top and tapered around the forehead, ears and neck. The other pixie haircut includes Peacock pixie, Cinnamon curls, Platinum ice and feathered pixie. Enjoy!

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