30+ Danica Patrick Hairstyles

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The so called Danica Patrick hairstyles are often referred as the hairstyles from the 1970s. it is not an insult; in fact it is a compliment, considering the natural straight and sleek texture that she has. If you want to steal her looks, there are several things or styles that you can consider about. Patrick was born with natural straight hair, so she doesn’t need to do a lot to keep it straight and simple like that. She cuts her hair in layers, but keeps the layers minimum by doing it near the bottom edges; so it is not done from the middle length.

Danica Patrick Hairstyles

For her daily activities, she likes to keep it in simple ponytails due to her busy activities while racing. After all, she needs to keep all the strands and locks in places so it won’t bother her during the race. She is often seen without any bangs at all, so she keeps it very simple with central parting like a boho princess. For formal occasions, she often lets her hair loose and goose down reaching her middle back. She only adds shine to make it look healthy and bright from afar.

Danica Patrick

If you want to have the Danica Patrick hairstyles, you need to be sure to straighten your hair first – if you don’t have natural straight texture – in order to achieve the same look. In certain occasions, Patrick is seen with wild and sexy curls. She implements bigger curls starting from the upper crown, so it makes her hair volumized and thicker. She still uses the similar central parting, but with additional bigger curls, she certainly looks sassy and also sexy. If you are thinking about adding volume, you can add curls – not certainly bigger ones like Patrick uses and lay it out on your hair.

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