70+ Easy Summer Hairstyles to Do on Yourself

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Now a day people get attracted to those hairstyles that can be easy to do and can be done by one himself, and that make them look attractive and beautiful. Now here in this blog I would share some of the hairstyles that are famous, easy to do and can be done in summer.

Braids of Glory

This hairstyle is for those people that have rich texture of hairs. In this style the hairs are deep sided. Than hairs are gathered from the base and loose braid is made. Then hairs are tied loosely from the bottom of the braid to give them softer look. Than he braid is separated and messed to give them a messy look.

The sleek Fishtail

This style if for those people having heart shaped face. In this style the braid is made in this form that it resembles the tail of the fish. Its also very easy to do and is in fashion.

Pretty Casual

This style is perfect for people having layered hairs. The hairs are thrown at back and are tied by a pony to give them a sleek look.

Smooth Move

This style is for all type of lengths of hairs. The hairs are blown dry and are straighten down the stream while a single braid is created and the head is rounded by it.

Heat Waves

Another hairs style for heart shaped faces. In this style hairs are washed blown dry and then separated into two equal sides one side is place left and other on the right. And than hairs are given a wavy look by hot rollers.

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