60+ Fabulous and Trendy Short Hairstyles for Black Women

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Be bold Black ladies and choose a new short hairstyle for that updated, hip and groovy look! You don’t have to have boring short hair anymore. There are so many options to have that perfect short hairstyle for Black Women, which can give you that hot, desirable, chic, feminine, trendy, and of course…groovy look you desire. Maximum style with a little bit of thought put into it can provide a woman all her hair needs with a new short hairstyle. Adding hair accessories or even a little bit of color can give a special pop to that new short do she is sporting. The possibilities are out of bounds! Why not experiment with your short hair and see how many different looks you ladies can have with those awesome and groovy new short hairstyles?

Chick And Interesting Undercut With Ombre Ends

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Having short hair doesn’t mean you can’t mix things up. You can have anything you like, just like with long hair. You can leave the fringe longer (just long enough to tuck behind your ear) and do the ombre coloring technique on the ends. That will definitely not look boring.

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