20+ Great a Funky Look with Emo to Your Purple Hair

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Emo hairstyles are popular among young generation. These hairstyles create a funky and prominent look in your personality. Young girls are always like to have funky looks that displays their enthusiasm and zest of life. Emo hairstyles can be managed with all hair lengths from very short to very long. Girls going to high school or college mostly prefer emo hairstyles. They make attractive personality and make them prominent among their friends. Emo hairstyles have great diversity everyone can adopt it according to his / her individuality. Layers of colours or streaks of bold colors create amazing effect in emo styles. Emo girls try variety of styles especially emo hairstyle with purple hair is really awesome suggestion.

Great a Funky Look with Emo to Your Purple Hair

  • Purple hair is sign of bold personality. Young girls prefer purple hair to show their confidence and bold nature. There are number of styles and unique ideas available on Internet that you can use. Here are few of them for your assistance.
  • In long hair apply streaks of purple color randomly throughout the length of hair, it gives nice appearance. You can manage these color streaks only in specific parts such as in front fringes or only at the tips of hair length.
  • In medium hair length you can create purple and blond sections in all your hair. Add few golden streaks or beads to these sections will enhance the style.
  • In short shaggy cut or layers cut entire hair can be dyed in different shades of purple colour and then create spikes using other hair cosmetics such as gels, hair sprays and creams etc.

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