40+ Hair Spa: What to Expect?

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There are many reasons why hair can end up looking limp, lifeless, or dry. Some people have hair that naturally does not look as luscious as other people’s. Others have hair that looks fantastic on a good day but in bad weather or stressful times, it loses its appeal. Many people live a stressful and busy lifestyle and this can take its toll on how good hair looks. Other people live in a climate of extreme hot or cold that is unfriendly to hair and leaves it looking more horrifying than glamorous! No matter what your hair’s problem is, a hair spa could have the answer.

Many people have experienced a relaxing trip to the spa that leaves them looking and feeling at their best. Sometimes people forget that the spa is able to offer more than skin treatments and massages. There are a range of treatments available at spas that can leave even the least glamorous hair looking suitable for wedding hairstyles. Many people are unfamiliar with these treatments and are overjoyed to know that there is a solution to their bad hair days!

One of the most common reasons that people fail to take advantage of the range of spa treatments for hair is being unfamiliar with them! People are unsure of what to expect from the experience so avoid it altogether. This is a great shame. A visit to a spa for one or more relaxing hair treatments can leave a person looking and feeling at their absolute best. Read on to find out about the many ways that a trip to the spa can leave your locks looking lush.

Scalp Oiling

Treating the scalp with oil is one of the most effective treatments offered at a hair spa. This is a technique that is commonly associated with the beautiful culture of India, but is a great idea for people from around the world. Depending on the type of hair a person has, an oil is specially chosen that will be suitable and nourishing for their scalp.

Many different types of oil can be used for scalp oiling. Some of the most common are tea tree oil, coconut oil, and castor oil. These all have different beneficial properties for a person’s scalp and hair. Tea tree oil is able to act as an antiseptic for the scalp and is incredibly effective at preventing or reducing dandruff. Coconut oil is known for helping hair stay shiny and thick. Castor oil is particularly great for preventing thinning hair and keeping locks as thick and appealing as possible.

Scalp Massage

Scalp massages are a vital part of the hair spa experience and offer a wide range of benefits. Massages often take place using one of the oil treatments mentioned above but can also be carried out without oil. When the scalp is massaged it increases the blood flow in this area of the body which is essential to ensure that hair receives the maximum amount of nutrients possible that are needed for its healthy growth and look.

Scalp massages also offer another benefit that is great for the entire body, including the hair. Massaging the scalp is a proven way of reducing stress and releasing good, natural, pleasurable chemicals within a body. Stress is one of the main reasons that hair can begin to lose its shine and thickness over time. By reducing stress levels in the body through a scalp massage it leads to naturally better looking hair!


The shampoo treatment offered at a spa goes far beyond what most people think of when they hear the word “shampoo.” The ingredients used in a spa shampoo are the highest quality in the world and often contain rare, natural ingredients such as dead sea salt or exotic botanic elements. Spa shampoo is also applied in a way which is catered to the person’s individual hair type perfectly. Water is the exact right temperature and purity to achieve the best results possible. This leaves hair looking far better than could ever be achieved at home.

Hair Mask

Many people do not understand the difference between a hair mask and hair conditioning. Hair masks are treatments that are designed to nourish hair as much as possible, promoting overall hair health and appearance while hair conditioning has the particular purpose of moisturizing and untangling hair.

The best hair masks will use natural ingredients that are kind to your hair rather than harsher manmade chemicals. Going to a spa to enjoy a hair mask treatment is a great idea as the expert staff will be able to ensure the ingredients in your hair mask are suited to providing your hair with exactly what it needs. It takes knowledge and experience to see what is wrong with a particular type of hair and provide the perfect remedy from mother nature. Spa staff can do exactly that for you.


Conditioning treatments at spa are particularly perfect for people with dryer or more tangled hair but absolutely anyone can benefit from them. The deep level of conditioning provided at a spa goes above and beyond what can be achieved by home conditioning. Spa conditioners benefit from luxury ingredients such as Manuka honey and dead sea salt that are rarely found in conditioners available in regular stores. Many people have commented that they did not know it was possible that their hair could be so soft and smooth as it is after an expert spa conditioning. Getting your hair conditioned makes getting easy hairstyles even easier. You can even go for more stylish hairstyles such as scene haircuts.

A hair spa is the perfect present for any hair that is at less than its best. Everybody knows that there is a direct relationship between how we feel and how we look. Treating hair at a spa not only leaves it looking as good as humanly possible but is a powerful relief from stress. This can leave a person looking and feeling confident and outgoing to an extent they never dreamed was possible. In the stressful and busy modern world we live in taking time out to treat our mind, body and hair to a day of relaxation is a natural way to look and feel great.

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