20+ How To Choose Best Hair Color for Asians

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Asian hair is exotic and charming hair. Moreover, when you see Asian women who have long hair and groomed, it will be something awesome to be looked at. Sometimes Asian people is not satisfied with just a well maintained hair, eventually given a touch in the form hair color. Nowadays, many besthair color for Asians which can be found the hair salon. The question right now is how to choose besthair color for Asians.

How To Choose Best Hair Color for Asians

Deciding what kind of besthair color for Asians should not be carelessly or a mere emotional. Similarly, if you just follow the latest hair color trends regardless of the suitability of the hair type, skin type, face shape and so on, should be fully considered in order to get the appropriate hair color for Asian people.

Overall hair color

If you want the overall coloring your hair, you should to avoid violet, white, platinum blonde, and blue-tinged shades because it very collide with Asian color skin. Choose the color dark brown, copper, rich chocolate and cinnamon tones. Based on advice from a professional hairstylist who understands the character of the Asian hair then you can determine what kind of besthair color for Asians do you need.

Layered hair color

For hair coloring in layers, you must carefully consider how to combine two contrasting colors to be harmonious and worth seeing. For example, combination of rich chocolate and black hair color. Also considering how the flow of hair coloring, whether is worn up or down. Just like overall color, layered color also need besthair color for Asians which suitable to Asian skins.
Highlights and lightning hair

Do not go to the extreme hairstyle. Perform highlights and lighting using warm tones. As Asians, you remain have to adjust to the type and color of your skin. So, you will got good results as you need. A professional hair stylist giving best advices for highlights, you can still coloring your hair with eggplant, mahogany, or burgundy tones. It will be besthair color for Asians that recommended by experts. Please to follow instructions and advices from the experts, consult with your favourite hair stylist nearby you, and keep yourself not emotional in following hair trends. Surely you will perform with your best hair color in every moment.

Asian celebrities’ hairdos

You can notice asian celebrities’ hairdos like Brenda Song, Kelly Hu, Jamie Chung, and Maggie Q. They might be your reference to besthair color for Asians. Brenda Song coloring her black hair with overall hair color, from black to dark brown color. At the another occasion, she performed with layered hair color, giving a touch of burgundy and rich chocolate on her black hair. Kelly Hu have an awesome long dark hair. She appeared with overall hair color, from black to dark brown color. In the other moment she performed her long dark hair with layered color, combination with rich chocolate or cinnamon tones. Jamie Chung showing her long dark hair, sometimes she appeared with layered hair color, coloring with light brown or cinnamon tones.

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