25+ How to Choose Best Hair Color for Cool Skin Tones?

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What is Best hair Color for Cool Skin Tones? Hair color guide might be out of date. Beyonce with her warm tone hair color always looks great in blonde, so does Mariah Carey. Lately we witness blonde head celebrities turn black such as Ashley Simpson, Christina Aguilera and Cameron Diaz. Which hair color will look best in you if you have cool skin tone? Cool skin tones means that your natural hair color should be gold blonde, medium ash white, or dark brown. Your eyes’ color should be blue, hazel or green. In general, you should have pale skin tone or usually called as olive skin tone.

How to Choose Best hair Color for Cool Skin Tones?

You need to know that celebrity look basically refer to a huge plan of manipulation scenario. If you see that pale skin celeb start using hair color that does not fit to their color palette, you might notice that they actually change their skin color too. Christina Aguilera definitely got some tan before she turned black, she even wear contact lenses to fit her skin color and hair color. Therefore you need to get back to look at your natural tones to see which best hair color for cool skin tones that will look best in you.

Before you choose best hair color for cool skin tones, you might want to check your color tone once again:

  • What is the natural color of your hair?
  • What is the natural color of your eyes?
  • What is your ash tone? (ash tone is your secondary color tone, such as: rose, or olive color

Colors to avoid for cool skin tone: bronze and red

Bronze and red hair color will make you look sick and fierce. Many celebrities sometimes look in this hair color, but surely for temporary. If you really like orange and red color, use these colors as highlight instead of your basic hair color. For example, color your hair with dark brown hair if you want bronze highlight and color your hair in blue black if you want to add red highlight.

Now that you have the answer those three questions above, you might want to check on color recommendations for best hair color for cool skin tones:

Best hair color for cool skin tone: Blonde

If you have pale skin color, blue eyes and rose cheeks, blonde is the best hair color for you. If you start with dirty blonde color, try platinum blonde color for lighter tone. If you have blue eyes or green eyes, blonde hair color will give translucent effect to your eyes. Second color that will fit best for you is light brown, of course with blonde highlights.

Best highlight for cool skin tone: Burgundy and Plum

Other best hair color for cool skin tones is burgundy and plum colors. These colors are best for medium or deep cool skin tone. Medium or deep cool skin tones means you have olive or gold ash or commonly known as beige color. Your natural color should be brown or black. Therefore, to add luxury to your look other than your natural color, toning your hair at least two level from your natural tone, and then add burgundy or plum highlights.

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