30+ How to do 50’s Hairstyles for Women

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One of the most daring ways to achieve classic 50s hairstyles is to imitate some of the most well-known women of the 20th century. In particular, the women of the 1950s were well – known for both their traditional and nontraditional looks and hairstyles. The 1950s saw a refining to the playful coiffures of that era. These easy hairstyles were low-tech and versatile for many occasions. If your hair is crying out for a break from heat styling, you may need to implement some classic styling methods.

How to do 50’s Hairstyles for Women

By arming yourself with a few tricks, you can make sure you will not be stuck with a lifetime of ponytails straight ironing. To achieve these hairstyles, all you need are a few simple curlers and bobby pins. If you’re the type that can sleep anywhere and do anything, you can save time by sleeping in curlers and bobby pins and wake up with a head start to amazing hair.

A Few Key Tips to Get a 1950s Hairdo

You may find yourself having gone through all latest hairstyling trends and are now ready to look to the past for inspiration. The ’50s era was full of glamorous female icons whose style trends are just as sought after today as they were back then. The 1950s was an important time of innovative hairstyling, so you have a variety of hairstyles to choose from when looking for something that works with your particular hair type and personality. You can go directly for that vintage five or you can make your own personalized adjustments to give it a modern twist.

One key to keep in mind is that women in those days were not as product happy as some of us are now. Rest assured that to achieve 50s hairstyles will not require an arsenal of expensive hairstyling products. For the most part, and a 1950s woman kept setting lotion, bobby pins, curlers and hairspray on hand to achieve her desired look. A blow dryer was even considered a luxury during these years.

Grace Kelly’s Polished Hairstyle

Grace Kelly has long been thought of as one of America’s top style icons. She was known be always polished and glowing with an elegant and one of a kind style. To get her look, keep things simple and basic, such as your clothing and makeup. Be inspired by light and pale colors, cool cotton fabrics, chic pencil skirts and classic yet feminine tops. Grace Kelly adds substance to the adage that less is more. You will notice this as you see vintage photographs taken of her throughout her heyday. For modern inspiration, you can look to January Jones’ portrayal of a 1950s woman in the show “Mad Men.” We can see from her stylists’ creations that inspiration has surely been taken from Grace Kelly.

A significant part of Grace Kelly’s signature style was her refined and polished hairstyle. It may be easier to pull off 50s hairstyles with chin to shoulder length hair, although hair that is a little longer than this can still pull it off, although with a different effect. A lot of the time, Grace Kelly wore her hair down and kept out of her face. You can take steps to add texture to your hair by adding some mousse or even by waiting to style it a day or two after having washed it. Curlers will be necessary to garner this hairstyle. You have the option to either sleep on them if you can handle that or speed things up by using hot rollers. Make sure to roll each section of hair back and out of the face. Each section of hair can be about two or three finger widths wide, enough to fit on a medium-sized roller. Make sure that you don’t make your sections too narrow as this will result in more curl than is desired. The goal should be to have your hair fall soft and sleek wave. As you remove the curlers you can add some hairspray and gently brush through the hair. After this is done, make sure to slick the hair back, keeping it in place with crisscross bobby pins. It’s important to make sure your bobby pins match your hair color. After both sides are in the proper place, you can bring forward pieces of hair from the top and hide the bobby pins.

Audrey Hepburn’s Famous Updo

Another option for a 50s hairstyle is to look to this fashion icon, who was probably best known for the look she dazzled fans with in her popular movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. To copy her look, you might want to visit a hair stylist; but if you want to do it on your own, you can set your hair up using big rollers. Make sure to use large and wide sections of hair, because the purpose is to really only curl the ends of it. Apply hairspray to the curlers and then pull them out slowly. You don’t have to use heat when doing is, just make sure to allow 15 to 30 minutes to pass depending on how well your hair takes rollers.

By the ear area, separate your hair into two sections, ending up with the top half and a bottom half. Fasten these in ponytails, one above the other, and then tie them close to each other. Slick the hair towards the back and make sure to add an ounce hairspray. A useful hair accessory to use in this type of hairstyle is a hair doughnut. You can even find online tutorials that help to describe how you can make when out of a sock! Pull the hair securely through the doughnut and fasten it with bobby pins. You can get a better hold through the use of bobby pins that have nice wide opening. Try your best to push them downward and hook them well. With the doughnut in place, you can then come your points out back and don’t forget the hairspray! Smooth out the loose hair with the brush and poorly it around the doughnut for that signature spiral look. Use more and more bobby pins to the hair surrounding the doughnut and spray it down.

Modern-Day Glamour

Even though hairspray, curlers and bobby pins were some of the key hairstyling items used at that time, feel free to begin the process of achieving 50s hairstyles by helping them along with a curling wand or blow dryer. But if your goal is to simplify your routine and wean yourself away from heat damaging tools, then look to some of their old-fashioned techniques for help. Instead of turning to high heat sources of styling, keep in mind that a bit of heavy hairspray and some planning ahead can help you create your vintage hairstyle.

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