15+ How to do Updos for Long Hair (Tutorial Video)

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Having updo for your long hair doesn’t need complicate your ideas. The steps to have how to do updos for long hair is not as complicated as you thought too. You just need a little tools, and big creative ideas to combine theprevious styles. How to do updos for long hair can be the simpler than having updos for short hair. Long hair will ease you to do steps of how to do updos for long hair since you have a lot of amount hair and it would be great if long hair is easier to set.

Updos for Long Hair

First thing to do in steps of how to do updos for long hair is combing your hair neatly and smoothly to get appropriate amount of hair which will you set to be the bun. If you have your long hair neatly combed it eases you to innovate and create your own how to do updos for long hair style. Try to have a simple updo first. With long hair you probably make big bun on the top of your head, but it would be nice if you try the simple one first. You can replace your complicated how to do updos for long hair steps with some style that could be simpler.

How to do Updos

For the example, you can apply the half updo and little buns updo. Go for your own how to do updos for long hair with innovative steps and creative style. Half updo style is the most applied style since it doesn’t need long and complicated steps to finish. Just have some leaves of hair to lift up and pin it with nice blinks accessories, you have been ready to go out with your friend in all occasion, and half updo is the most suitably applies in all occasion due to its simple and classic.

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