Jamie Kindschuh

301 Main St #102, Huntington Beach, CA 92648


Owner and creator of Parlour Eleven.

Hall e. lev.the most is a full-service salon dedicated to providing elite customer service by offering quality products and a pleasant atmosphere. This industrial-chic vision will provide a diverse and artistic team. We thrive by innovating and creating new trends. We are here to meet our customers ‘expectations and push the boundaries, while also providing a certain level of Service and care to increase customers’ confidence and raise eyebrows. The world is constantly evolving, so why not? Change is inevitable. Knowledge Is King.

Description of our brand:

Hall e. lev.most… it is the main number of power. Performed when working with a partner. It represents a range of artistic and visionary ideas. E. lev.en, with an equal balance of masculine and feminine traits, is a creative genius, an avante-garde trait of film and fame.

Instagram: @parlour.eleven

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