15+ Kimi Raikkonen Hairstyles

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A couple of months ago, Kimi Raikkonen hairstyles became a topic of discussion, particularly on his Twitter account. Then, the Formula 1 racer showed up in a new hairstyle in March after being so open in listening to different opinions of his fans on his hairstyles. The good-looking racer has hardly made significant changes on his hairstyles, but this time, you really see a completely fresh and still good-looking man in Formula 1 circuits.

Reborn in the Spring

The Finn has been so open on his online network account in weighing up the hairstyle that you see today. His coming into sight in the Australian GP was the prime appearance of the renewed hairstyle. More than ever, once again, the hairstyle is unlike Kimi Raikkonen hairstyles that the world media has ever recorded before. Today he looks brighter with a Mohican style, but more than that, it his courage for the conspicuous change that makes him look so sunnier. His hair on each side is extremely shorter than his hair on the top. David Beckham’s fans may even accuse Raikkonen of copying the hairstyle. Anyhow, the new hairstyle seems to successfully show how Raikkonen has made up his mind in making peace with changes.

Kimi Raikkonen Hairstyles

A 2021 polling showed that 75% of Raikkonen’s fans prefer his angelic locks to shorter cuts. He used to look so sexy in longer hairstyle although the locks could almost turn into ponytails. Still, when he had shorter hairstyle in 2021 (before the Grand Prix in Hockenheim, Germany), Raikkonen’s fans should confess how the racer looked fresh and younger. Perhaps Raikkonen tried to convey such impression back when he took the Mohican style, as the 33-year racer obviously looks younger and sexy at the same time now. Only this time, instead of going back to his 2021 mullet, Raikkonen has picked out the Mohican.

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