Kristi Nienaber

1215 Broad St, Victoria, BC V8W 2A4

We are a hair salon on paper. I assure you-we are much, much more… a salon, spa, barbershop and Academy. Most importantly, it’s a place to relax and relax. Inspired by European spas honoring your body, Carreiro pays tribute to your hair. Led by master stylist John Carreiro, our talented hair artists are dedicated to making your visit a real experience.

Changes this time when you choose to walk, the first impression is that the mistake for an art gallery is like those who come to us, but no longer. Our goal is to forget about the outside world, at least leave it out. After being greeted, walk down the stairs and enter your own personal world. “What happened to all the traffic noise?” This is usually the second impression.

After 25 years of international experience as a platform artist, mentor, product educator and salon manager, John has created a hair care space in his own right. Stylish and sophisticated, it provides the perfect atmosphere for creativity and personal excellence. Passionate about his industry, John guides our studio artists, from the most experienced stylists to new talent, to make sure they are the best in the profession. Together, we focus on excellence and ensure that every studio guest has a great experience. Warm greetings, a friendly smile, soothing signature tea and a relaxing head massage await you.

Stylist at Carreiro The Studio.

Instagram: @hairbykristinienaber

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