30+ Leighton Meester Hairstyles

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For young girls who want to look at their best, Leighton Meester hairstyles can be a good example on how to look stylish and elegant. Leighton Meester is very popular for her role in the Gossip girls. While she loves experimenting with so many different hairstyles, she does look great with a short and medium length hairstyle. Rumor has it that she has decided to go with a drastic haircut. If you are a young girl who want to look more stylish and sexy at your age, Leighton Meester can be a good role model which might inspire you. So let’s check out some popular hairstyles below.

Leighton Meester Hairstyles

So let’s start with one of the most popular Leighton Meester hairstyles, Leighton M ester comes with loose, Chesnut looks which gives her a more feminine and sexy look. Thanks to its wispy bangs, she does a great job in keeping herself in a more fresh look without adding any hair accessories. The other good example is when she goes with Ombre waves, it gives her a sexy, beach yet chic look. She also does a great job when creating a sexy carpet look with her Ombre highlights.

Leighton Meester

Overall, these are some best hairstyles which might inspire you if you want to look more fresh. Leighton Meester is probably one of the best examples for those young girls who want to fresh without going with a complicated hairstyle. Leighton Meester loves changing her hairstyle from long hairstyle to rock hairstyles. Another great example how she does look great even with a simple hairstyle when she goes old fashioned with face framing layers and an effortless chic pun tucked bob. Well, these are some popular hairstyles which might inspire you, choose some hairstyles and see how they look.

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