35+ Lo Bosworth Hairstyles

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If you like simple yet chic style for your daily activities, Lo Bosworth hairstyles can certainly be a great option. This American personality is made popular for her role in America’s entertainment show, Laguna Beach, and also in The Hills and also Real Orange County. Bosworth is known for her natural brownish blonde hair that is often styled in very simple manner. In her daily style, Bosworth likes to wear her hair in very casual manner.

Lo Bosworth Hairstyles

She was born with natural wavy texture, which she often lets loose for her daily styles. With long hair in layers and side swept bangs, the natural waves certainly makes her look laid back and relaxed in very casual way. When she has to attend formal occasions, she just adds some curls to create glam affect. She adds curls on the end of her hair and then lift her bangs to create more dramatic sense.

Bosworth is often seen with casual, teased, yet chic chignon style. it is quite easy to get these Lo Bosworth hairstyles, as long as you know the stages.

  • Be sure that your hair damp to start the look. You can sprinkle water to your unwashed hair. You will need hair mousse to help styling it up.
  • Distribute the mousse evenly and use brush to direct away your hair
  • Part your upper crown in 3 sides: left, center, and right. When you have finished each of the section, use hairspray to make sure that the hair will hold.
  • When everything is finished, brush your hair very gently backward.
  • Get all the hair on your nape and secure it by using elastic band.
  • Twist the ponytail and make a bun around the ponytail base. Secure it with hairpins
  • You have made a great and modern look in simple steps and manners.

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