25+ Long Layered Haircuts You Must Try

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Layering adds volume to hair. It makes the hair have movement without looking thin, and it suits all types of face shapes. The secret to having a layered haircut is to ensure that the hair looks layered rather than choppy. It is important to go to a hairdresser who will be able to create the look that you want. To change your hair, you don’t really need to grow it out for each hairstyle, but you may need to style it differently so that it looks different.

Different Styles for Long Hair

Long hair is layered by cutting. If you have a long face shape, long layered haircuts that seem to pull the weight of the hair downwards can make your face look longer. To make your face look more balanced, it is best to have large curls that are spread out more around your face rather than pulling downwards.

Long Layered Haircuts

For wider faces such as sweetheart face shapes and round face shapes, long layered haircuts are perfect, as they make the face look more balanced. Here are some long layered haircuts you ought to try!

Off Center Parted Hair

In this type of long-haired haircut, the hair is styled by putting a part slightly off center. The hair is then curled away from the face using a large barrel iron. Use your fingers to separate the curls rather than a comb. This style is flattering to most face shapes.


The curls in this hairstyle are large, bouncy, and smooth, and they are created by using a large barrel iron. Once you curl the hair, set it in large Velcro rollers. When it cools, remove the rollers and spray the air with a hold hair spray

Voluminous Layers

This hairstyle makes the hair look full around the head and the face and suits all face types. To style the hair, use a large barrel iron to curl the hair in different sections in different directions. This is what will make it look like it has more volume. Break up the curls by brushing your fingers upwards so that it looks more voluminous, while teasing the hair around the crown with a comb.

Beach Waves

This hairstyle makes the hair achieve that beach-like look. It is suitable for all types of face types and long layered haircuts. You will need to use hair products that add texture to the hair as opposed to using heat protective products.

Then dry the hair using a blow dryer and using your fingers and not a comb. Curl sections of the hair using a curling wand and then add more texture product to the hair.

Side Bun

If you would like to hold your hair back, then a side bun is best, as it can be dressed down or it can also be very elegant. To create a side bun, hold the hair into a low ponytail at the side and lightly comb the ponytail so the hair appears much fuller. Twist the hair into a bun and fasten in place using bobby pins. Use as many pins as you need.

Retro Waves

This is one of the most elegant long layered haircuts. To create this old school yet timeless look, use a medium barrel iron and curl the hair in one direction. Once you have finished curling all sections, brush the curls out and place the hair over one shoulder. Use a flexible hold hairspray to hold the hairstyle.

Tapered Ends

In this kind of hairstyle, the horizontal layers start at the level of the collarbone at the back but remain long in the front. This balances the bulk of the hair from the back so all the hair looks streamlined. For a sleek look, blow dry while using the fingers to create some volume.

Front Layers

The hair is heavily layered towards the front rather than the back. This is best for people who have light hair as it makes the hair look more voluminous.

Final Thoughts in Caring for Long, Layered Hair

It is always important to protect your hair from heat using thermal protection. This prevents it from heat damage. Always use thermal protection on clean and dry hair. If you want curls to stay on long layered haircuts use a flexible hold spray.

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