25+ Maria Sharapova Hairstyles

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When you want to style up your hair in very simple yet attractive manner, you can always imitate Maria Sharapova hairstyles. This top tennis player is known not only for her great skills in playing tennis, but also because of her beauty. She is known to have natural blonde hair that she often let loose. Of course, there are some styles that you can steal from her, if you want to look as good as her.

Maria Sharapova

Not only Sharapova is known for her beauty, but she is also known for her shiny and bright blonde straight hair. The great thing about this style is that she has worn it for decades and she doesn’t seem to have plans to change it in the near future. In order to keep the mess and tangles away, she trims her hair in regular routine and she keeps it in layered fashion. This layered style will at least keep the thickness at bay, which is important for her performance during the match. When she is at a match, she mostly braids her hair or tie it down. Nothing fancy or extravagant. For off duty performance, she lets it loose with her side swept bangs that look cute and very attractive for her appearance.

The Latest Maria Sharapova Hairstyles

However, Sharapova has made a surprise when she once posted her pictures with very short cut, which is coming in the choppy bob. Because of her facial features, the short style really looks great on her and it really suits her well. The choppy model creates messy and carefree effect. The color remains the same and she doesn’t make any changes about it. but it turns out that the choppy bob is only a wig and Sharapova still has the signature Maria Sharapova hairstyles which is long and soft.

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