Meche Salon

(310) 278-8930
8820 Burton Way Beverly Hills, CA 90211

At Meche Salon works a very carefully selected team of stylists and colorists from the area’s top salons, providing services of the utmost quality for all patrons.

Is it any surprise that two of the best-known names in the industry have joined forces to promote Los Angeles ‘ premier full-service salon? Less than a decade ago, Tracey Cunningham, now one of the world’s most sought-after celebrity colorists, worked for Neil Weisberg at his former namesake salon. But the long-standing friendship that would eventually lead the duo back to each other to reveal Mèche found its roots in the late 1990s, when they were developing young talent at West Hollywood’s art Luna salon. ” Neil and I are old friends—and our strengths complement each other, ” Tracey said. “When it comes to running a saloon, we make an excellent team.”

French “accent” or” hair”, which means that hosts the Hall of legendary Meche decades ago the word ménage à trois gives a nod to the history of the place—and more importantly, Beverly Hills salons, and that means a new era for hair styles. ” A lot of L. A.’s top stylists have opened salons of the same name, but they’re constantly on the move, and that’s where Mèche is different, ” Neil said. “Tracey and I are where we are open every day and between us we see 200 to 300 customers a week.

Moreover, the salon is not really about us-it’s about our customers.”Mèche is also about unrivalled talent. Carefully selecting a team of stylists and colourists from the best salons in the area, Neil and Tracey are a true curator, one of the best and brightest in the industry, providing the highest quality service for all customers.

Citing casual glamour that identified Los Angeles as a strong motivating factor behind his move here from London 30 years ago, Neil, who began his career in an environment of unparalleled exclusivity, sought to channel the quintessentially relaxed atmosphere of the Queen’s hair salon—California. “The environment we create in Mèche is a relaxed, carefree environment,” he said. “We want the experience to be fun for everyone.”Speaking of the environment inside, no detail was overlooked in making it one of refined visual beauty. Impeccably chosen surfaces-rich walnut and luxurious marble, for example-create an aesthetic that juxtaposes the city’s necessary opulence with the comfort and whimsy Tracey speaks for.

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