25+ Most Popular Hairstyles for African American Girls

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Hair styles are for everyone but it’s not necessary that every style suits everyone. Before adopting any hair style one should keep his face texture his face shape and his skin color in mind. Today in this blog I will share some of the simple and most popular hair styles for African American girls.

Braided Buns is the most popular styles used by many black skinned celebrities. But it mostly suits the young African American girls. As this style do not need long hairs. This hair style starts from the cornrowed base and end into two cute buns above the head.

Most Popular Hairstyles for African American Girls

Pretty Plaits is another famous style introduced by celebrities and quickly adopted by people. This hair style is very easy to do and the plus point of this hair style is that it can b adopted by both people having thick or thin hairs.

Tiny Twists is the style to b used if you in a hurry and hair styles are not coming is your mind. Easy to do and with lot of variety in it, it is also very famous now a days. Some other famous and simple hair styles for African American girls are Fancy Cornrows, Flat Twist Combo Style, Flowery Puff, Gentle Pony Tails, Accessorized Twist out, Braided Pony Tails, Afro Puffs and many more.

As said earlier its better to keep your face shape in mind before adopting any style because some of the hair style only suits long shaped face while some the for the short faced people.

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