35+ Nioxin Shampoo: The Perfect System?

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If you are looking for a hair care system for hair loss, you may have heard that Nioxin shampoo is the perfect system. But is it? Let’s talk about the good and the bad of this shampoo and the benefits that you will really receive.

We expose our scalp to residue every day. This can be from the loads of hairspray that we put on our head, the invisible toxins floating around in our environment, or the constant touching of our hair by our hands that have been touching god knows what throughout our day

>At the end of the day, it is important to remove all that residue on our scalp to keep the hair follicles from clogging, and Nioxin shampoo targets that buildup effectively.

It Also Tackles A Major Hormone Responsible For Hair Loss

Nioxin shampoo also removes dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is a hormone that is produced in various places on the body, including the hair follicles. To put it simply, DHT is the enemy of hair follicles and will kill them if it gets a chance. Both men and women have DHT, but men have it in larger amounts; that is, in part, why men lose more hair than women.

It Thickens The Hair Too!

Nioxin was also designed to add thickness though a BioAmp system. This system strengthens the shaft of the hair and adds thickness inside of the cuticle, as well as help with hair growth.

Another Important Part of The System?

After you remove residue and strengthen your hair with the shampoo, you have to use the conditioner. It is necessary because the Nioxin shampoo can dry out your hair and scalp. Its job is to remove residue, so it also removes oils that keep your hair and scalp moisturized, and in order to have healthy looking hair you need to have moisture.

Picking The Right Shampoo

There are eight different systems and picking the right one can really help your personal hair thrive and survive. It is important to be honest about your hair, no matter who may see that you have a cleanser made for ‘noticeably thinning’ hair. If you want to see different results, then you have to be willing to accept the current results you are seeing.

No matter what type of hair you have there is a system for you. The Nioxin shampoo system covers fine hair, medium hair, or coarse hair. It also covers noticeable thinning hair, think-looking hair, chemically enhanced hair, and natural hair.

How Does It Smell?

There are mixed reviews on how good or bad it smells, so it all depends on your preference. It doesn’t have a chemical smell, but rather a minty type smell that could get annoying for anyone who does not like to smell peppermint in their hair. However, the smell of peppermint is better than the smell of chemicals, so it is not a total negative for the Nioxin system.

Does It Work Quickly?

One of the biggest issues with the Nioxin shampoo system, like the Nizoral shampoo system, is that people think it is going to work overnight. It’s not. The hair goes through a cycle of growth that involves three different stages, and depending on what stage you are in when you start the system, you may not see results for months. In fact, the Telogen stage, where the follicle remains dormant for 1-4 months, is occurring right now in about 10-15% of the hair you have on your head.

It is important to remember that the Nioxin system will help keep your scalp clean and your hair strong at every stage of the hair cycle. That is what is really important. And, whether you see results tomorrow or four months down the road, you are doing everything you can to promote healthy hair.

If you have thinning hair or notice that you are losing hair, it can be devastating. Easy hairstyles won’t be that easy if your hair won’t cooperate with you. Our hairstyles can express our mood, make a great impression, and keep our self-confidence soaring at times we are lacking self-confidence.

Nioxin shampoo can help you maintain a healthy scalp and keep the head of hair that you want to keep. Remember though, your hair goes through a cycle, so don’t give up too soon as you might just give up before an important growth cycle and minimize the results you are looking for.

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