2021 Extra Voluminous Hairstyles Ideas – 30+

Extra voluminous and long hairstyle is every girl’s dream, so nowadays hair extensions are very popular. If you’re blessed with super long and thick hair, the following styling ideas will equip you with great tips for dazzling. Put your bad hair days behind you and make the most of your gorgeous curls with the latest extra-voluminous hairstyles. Having shiny and healthy hair skip the routine of ... Read More

The Best Short Haircuts in History

With the beginning of the 20th century, there came a new age for women, one of independence and power, of renewals of identity. Women were no longer constrained by the rules of society to wear their hair long and wrapped up in a bunch on top of their heads; they could feel freer by sporting new short haircuts and better fitting clothes. There was no ... Read More

25+ Graduation Hairstyles for Black Girls

Do you search for Graduation Hairstyles for Black Girls? At present, graduation hairstyle no longer function as a complement bun for attire, but already has more functionality than that. The bun can be used as a complement to a woman’s appearance by wearing a variety of fashions, at weddings and at the graduation ceremony. In fact there are career women who choose to wear bun ... Read More

25+ Cute Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Looking for Cute Natural Hairstyles for Black Women ideas? Everyone will want to have a good and healthy hair, because hair itself is the crown of the head. Just imagine if you do not have hair at all, or had but very unhealthy hair will definitely be very disturbing both in terms of performance and in terms of health. Therefore in this article, we will ... Read More

35+ Awesome and Cool Hairstyles for Girls

It is a great thing to be a teenager because that is the time when you have the freedom to experiment with your style and try out all sorts of different things. Nobody will look at you the wrong way if you color your hair bubble gum pink or shave one side of your head and braid the other. But try to keep in mind ... Read More

40+ Amazing Prom Hairstyles, Latest & Trendy Ideas

If your prom is this year I bet that it is all you can think about. Of course, you want to look perfect and you want your hair to be romantic and dreamy. Maybe you want to fit in with your friends and you are planning your hairstyles together, maybe you want to stand out and surprise everyone with a fabulous hairdo. Whatever it is ... Read More

20+ Phenomenal Half Updo Hairstyles To Inspire You

As we all know styling your hair takes some time and practice and it can be a hustle but the great thing about having long hair is how much fun you can have! You have the freedom to make anything you heart desires and hands can make. It doesn’t have to be just getting your hair in a bun, you can mix things up. Braid ... Read More

55+ Ponytail Hairstyles to Make your Ponytails Pop and Stand Out

Let’s be honest, if you don’t somehow make your ponytail interesting you could end up looking like you are going to the gym. But don’t worry – here we have 40 fabulous styles and ways to make your ponytail pop and stand out. Take a cue from one of the images here and recreate some of the looks yourself. You don’t need much to make ... Read More

20+ Cute & Stylish Updo Hairstyles for Long Hair

Discover some of the cute & stylish updos that are trending right now. When you have long hair you don’t have to wear it down all the time, you can make lots of different styles. They could be relaxed and easy like for a night out with friends or elaborate and fancy for a formal occasion – it’s up to you. If you are searching ... Read More

25+ Short Black Haircuts and African American Women Hairstyles

So spring is here and you want to change or freshen up your hairstyle. From a short cute pixie style to a stylish bob – you will have a variety of African American Black Hairstyles to look through and choose from. Because life is about making good choices and having fun. When choosing the Short Black hairstyle there are always a few things you need ... Read More

20+ Sweet and Cute Hairstyles for Little Girls

Sweet and Cute Hairstyles for Little Girls, When you are a little girl you mother or older sister is the one that makes your hairstyles. In that age all you are interested in is how cute and special your hair can look. Does it have lots of colorful clips and flowers? Is it bouncy and carefree? Do your friends like it as much as you ... Read More

30+ Beautiful and Charming Hairdos

Beautiful and Charming Hairdos, There are beautiful braids and then there are interesting braids, and then you have something that combines both things – waterfall braids. They let you leave your hair down and flowing and have a braid at the same time. If this is the first time you have seen this style it may look complicated to make, but really it is not – ... Read More

25+ Easy Braided Hairstyles Tutorials

Easy Braided Hairstyles Tutorials, We all look in amazement and wonder when we see some braided hairstyles, and naturally we want to know how to make something like that ourselves. But you can not make anything complicated and intricate if you don’t know the basics. In matters like these it is best to start with the simple things and work your way up. Some braids are ... Read More

60+ Fabulous and Trendy Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Be bold Black ladies and choose a new short hairstyle for that updated, hip and groovy look! You don’t have to have boring short hair anymore. There are so many options to have that perfect short hairstyle for Black Women, which can give you that hot, desirable, chic, feminine, trendy, and of course…groovy look you desire. Maximum style with a little bit of thought put ... Read More

25+ Amazing and Beautiful Hairstyles for Black Women

Chic Lace Braided Fringe And Braid Bun This is a great way to get your hair away from your face but still have a cool little trick up your sleeve and create a beautiful frame for your face with the braided fringe. Make a really deep side parting and start your braid there, adding more hair as you go along. Once you have made the ... Read More

Welcome to The Latest Hairstyles

Welcome to my The Latest Hairstyles dedicated to hair styles and those who dare to be different. With so many people living like robots, and simply duplicating what they see it is refreshing to see some that choose to raise above average and mediocrity. I was at the mall doing a little shopping and decided to have a seat and take a little timeout. As I ... Read More

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