25+ Perfect Layered Haircuts: What to Ask Your Hairstylist

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Looking for a hairstyle that will bring back vivacity to your lifeless locks? Why not add layers to your crowning glory? Perfectly layered haircuts add a renewed zest to your hairstyle without excessive cutting (such as in short haircuts) or any drastic changes. Layering can modernize one’s looks without getting too involved with chemicals or having to engage in frequent hair salon visit. For women who have long-standing issues with split ends, damaged hair, or chronic headaches, a layered haircut is one way to fuse comfort, style and practicality.

Since hair layering hair comes in all shapes, length, and forms, it is imperative to understand its different types and styles. Before you simply pick out a perfectly layered haircut straight from Elle, Glamour, Essence, or Vogue, talking with your favorite hairstylist will go a long way. Hair layering can be done on most hair types whether short, medium or long. Though it is an easy way to add volume, texture and drama to any hairstyle, this cutting technique must be done by an experienced stylist to ensure suitability and appeal. To begin your journey on rocking a brand new look, asking the following questions about layered haircuts from a hairstylist may prove to be beneficial.

These types of haircuts are popular among celebrities as well as common townsfolk. It is highly recommended for women with too wispy or too straggly hair. Layering one’s hair can create volume without the usual weight, and can add dramatic appeal to a seemingly drab hairstyle without losing that much length. Whether curly or wavy, straight or kinky, layered haircuts can add more versatility to a haircut. Perfectly layered haircuts can soften a blunt cut, frame the face, and add verve to an uninteresting cut. It also allows less drying time for thick hair and overall less maintenance.

Which Layered Haircut Is Right For Me?

There are three categories of layered haircuts – short, medium or long. Short layers usually give a hairstyle the needed body and bounce as well as texture to make it interesting. This type of layered haircut tend to frame the face, and is suitable for women with round or wide facial structure. This allows drawing attention to facial features such as the nose, lips and eyes. Short layered haircuts are great for those who want funky and bold hairstyles.

Medium layered cuts, on the other hand, often sits just right at the shoulders. Shoulder-length hair can be a disaster to women with thick tresses as it can be voluminous and too scraggly. Layering can help thin out excess hair volume and weight. A perfectly layered haircut can add body on the right places. Medium layered haircuts can be customized with angles and shapes around the head to deliver a fully textured and attractive look without looking too frizzy.

If you are one who want to keep a Rapunzel like long hair yet do not want to look drab and lifeless, long layered haircuts is the right solution for you. Layering creates a whimsical texture allowing hair to perfectly frame facial contours without cutting substantial length off your crowning glory. Long curls and wavy up-dos are best managed with layers. Straight lifeless long hair can be added with body and bounce without drastically cutting or styling your hair. With long hair, you can experiment with various cuts and angles.

Whether short, medium or long, a seasoned hairstylist will explain everything in detail to you. These haircut experts will give you reliable insights on which layered haircut will suit best your style.

What Hair Maintenance Will I Need?

One of the major concerns when planning to have a layered cut is the amount of maintenance it needs. Though layered haircuts are known to require less upkeep, it is important to ask a hairstylist how frequent should you get re-trimming to maintain its appeal. It is best to remember that not all layered cuts fall in the “wash-and-wear” category. Asking a hairstylist on whether you need styling gel or spray nets, special shampoo and rinses, conditioner, diffuser, and what-have-you. It is also recommended that you ask how and when to apply styling products.

Some hairstylists provide step-by-step “tutorial” to their loyal clientele to ensure satisfaction. When it comes to this haircut, it is important to note that some types might not work for the ultimate busybodies. Make sure to consider the impact of your current lifestyle to the type of layered cut you wish to have. Do remember that proper hair care is the best way to maintain any type of haircut. Healthy and shiny hair is best achieved by using specialty shampoos and rinses. Special treatments can also be done every now and then to add more vibrancy to your tresses. Discussing this with your hairstylist can bring in great results.

How Can I Add Style To A Layered Haircut?

For many women, styling one’s hair is inevitable, so much more so with these kinds of haircuts. Asking a hairstylist on what steps should be done to accentuate a salon-like look on a daily basis will help uphold your easy hairstyle long before you step out from a hairdresser’s abode. Your hairstylist might recommend the use of hair wax to define your look. Hair wax is great for creating luminosity, bounce, texture, and body to layered haircuts whether short, long, medium, angular, vertical or uniform. Intensifying your hair’s shine can add more appeal to your amazing layered cut.

It is important to ask the frequency of re-trimming when deciding on a particular layered haircut. Hairstylist often recommends coming in at least once in every three weeks. However, this largely depends on your hair and the type of layered cut. Angled layers on hair with frequent split ends and break outs can require more frequent trips to the salon. Short layered cuts also require frequent trimmings to keep it fresh-looking. Long less layered haircuts usually grow gracefully requiring fewer salon visits. Your hairstylist might recommend using a conditioning mask to keep your tresses healthy and firm in between trims.

Conclusion: Communication Is An Important Tool

There is no doubt that layered haircuts can do wonders to your look. Turn from drab to fab with a few snips and cuts off your hair. If it is a suitable layered cut you want that will fit your face, hair type, and lifestyle, earnestly talking with your chosen hairstylist would bring in a great deal of information. The more informed you are often means better results – and presumably, lesser trips to your salon. Open your communication line with your hairstylist and rock any of the ultra lustrous layered haircuts that fit your style.

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