35+ Pomade to the test: Which one is for you?

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You have tried it all. Okay. That statement may be a bit vague, and your thoughts may be turning to something that we aren’t discussing in this article. Let’s be a bit more specific. When it comes to your hair, you have tried it all. You’ve used mousses, sprays, gels and waxes. If you’ve got a short haircut and haven’t given pomade a shot, you haven’t been doing your style justice. So are we sending you running to the nearest drug store to grab the first jar that you see? Not by a long hot. Finding the right pomade for your hair is a sort of art. What works great for the guy in the next cubicle may turn your head into a grease pit. On the other hand, what’s greasy in your best gal pal’s hair may be just right for you.

Knowing Your Pomade Means Knowing Your Hair

Let’s start off by dispelling a myth: Pomade isn’t just for men. Anyone with short hair can pull off a fabulous look with the stuff. It can even work wonders on different short hairstyles for women. Unfortunately, most people that try the product have no idea how to choose it and often end up loathing it. Those in the know are the ones who fall in love with pomades. If you want to be sure you are choosing the right product, you have to know your hair.

Thin Hair Doesn’t Need Extra Weight

If you have thin hair, stick with the light stuff. An extreme product is going to make your hair look greasy and oily. If you are hoping that one of the many available types of pomade will give you that sexy, bed head look, you’ll be sorely disappointed. The only look you’ll achieve is the sideways glance from passersby. Thin hair calls for light products. Look for water-based light or medium pomade. Murray’s makes a fantastic medium pomade and is easily found at your local drug store. Axe also makes a great product. Give either a try and see what you think.

Thick Hair Needs a Strong Companion

If you have thick or coarse hair, you can give a heavier styling product a whirl. These products will give your hair height and hold it in place no matter what the weather throws at you. Whether you want a pomp or a spike, these heavy products are what you’re looking for if you have a head of thick, luxurious locks. Dax Wave and Groom is a favorite among consumers. You can also give Layrite a try. If you have thick hair, you should be happy with either.

The Word is “Hold”

What do you want a pomade to do for you? If you want your hair product to tame flyaways, a lightweight product is a good choice. If you want your hair product to give you a pomp that rivals the most famous rockabilly, you may want to go with a thicker pomade. Take a close look at the jar before you make your choice. Never assume that the strongest hold is the best hold. Choose according to what it is that you want your hair to do.

Popular Brands for Those Who Hate to Shop

We know that there are some of you out there who read the top bit of this article and rolled your eyes. You have better things to do than read labels and take the time to figure out what kind of hair you have. If that’s you, you’re going to have to choose by trial and error. Just be prepared to spend some money. If you simply can’t fathom to spend more than 30 seconds choosing your hair product, here are some popular brands to try: Layrite, Black and White, Axe, Murray’s, and Sweet Georgia Brown. In truth, you should be able to get away with any of these by simply adjusting the amount that you run through your hair.

All of the Cool Kids are Doing It

When it comes to styling products, pomades are quickly becoming the front-runner for those with short hair because it can make any hairstyle into an easy hairstyle. Pomade can stand up to the environment, give you the style you’re looking for, and last you a decent amount of time. If you’re budget-conscious, we strongly suggest choosing your pomade based on your hair type, style and amount of hold you desire. If you’d rather throw caution to the wind, and maybe a few bucks in the process, close your eyes and point; you’ll get there eventually.

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