35+ Purple Hair Dye For Dark Hair

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Are you brave enough to use Purple Hair Dye For Dark Hair? Dyeing hair can make someone look more stylish and modern. But often their face actually looks dull after changing hair color. It could be because they use hair dye that does not suit their skin tone. How to choose a hair color that matches skin tone?

Human skin tone is divided into two, warm and cold. If you have a warm skin tone, wear warm colors as well, such as copper. While cool skin tones should be combined with cool colors. Determine the hair color that matches skin tone is a bit a challenge, especially for the first time you dye your hair or when you want to use Purple Hair Dye For Dark Hair.

Purple Hair Dye For Dark Hair

One of the easiest ways to customize the hair color and skin tone is to put a cloth or light-colored clothing to facial skin. Take one colored dress, orange for example, and wear clothes or hold your face. If the face looks brighter and shine, you have a warm skin tone. Colors like brown, copper or red mahogany would be appropriate for you.

Meanwhile, if the color blue or Purple Hair Dye For Dark Hair makes your face look bright, it means you have a cool skin tone. Choose colors such as purple or reddish-purple to color your hair. Benchmark is in the skin. If clothing or fabric attached to make the face look dull or darker, meaning the color is not suitable for you.

Choosing a hair dye for women should be done with caution because if not, might make an appearance is not maximal. Purple Hair Dye For Dark Hair is perfect for ladies who like to follow the style and fashion is certainly familiar to hair color trend. But, do not let one choose hair color, would be fatal to. In addition to choosing hair dye according to the appearance, in changing your hair style also need to consider the type of dye used. So that there are no long-term effects are harmful to your health.

Well, what factors you should consider before choosing a hair dye? Here are some things you need to consider carefully:

Adjust the Skin Tone. Before you choose the hair color that you want, note the true color of your skin. Do not let the color that you choose to make you look more pale or dull. For example, if you have brown skin or olive, you can choose the hair color of brown, blonde, or red wine. Avoid bright colors like gold, bronze or grayish white can make you look pale. But otherwise, if you have lighter skin, you can choose the color of golden hair to make you look more glamorous or dark brown color which is the color of your skin clear or Purple Hair Dye For Dark Hair to give a stunning look.

However, before choosing Purple Hair Dye For Dark Hair, it is good to note the condition of your hair now. For example, if your curly hair and cut short would be better you choose the color of dark brown hair. And if you are short haired, avoid highlight it because the hair color will not change the appearance. While those of you who have long hair, you can to highlight hair around the face or choose hair color by coloring total.

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