35+ Scene Haircut Styling Tips

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Finding scene haircuts that look cool but not cliche can be challenging, partly because there are just so many different options available to choose from. Not all scene hairstyles are created equal, and finding the one that best fits your overall aesthetic and style while fitting and being congruent with your personality is very important.

You don’t just want to pick the same exact hairstyle as all of your friends – you want to look cool, look different, and most importantly, you want to look like you. So, what do you choose? How do you style your haircut so that it looks cool and refined without going overboard or looking silly? Here are some brilliant tips that keep your easy hairstyle looking amazing without risking looking dumb or cliche.

Our Top 11 Scene Haircut Styling Tips

1. Simple tips for scene hair.

If you really want to look cool, you are going to have to be creative. While there are some great tips that will help you get set in the right direction, the final decision is always going to have to be up to you. This way you can decide what works for you and what doesn’t.

2. Find your style.

There are a lot of different types of scene hairstyles, so as with most haircuts, a great place to start is by finding fashion avatars that you like. Look through magazines, surf the Internet, talk to your friends and find people with similar styles to you. Get an idea of what works for them and you will have an idea of what works for you. This is the best place to start.

3. Get your hair chopped.

Obviously, you are going to have to actually get your hair cut. If you look around you will probably be able to find someone that specializes in doing awesome scene hairstyles, and this is the person that you want to talk to. Finding a great hair stylist can be annoying and feel like a challenge, but it is absolutely worth it. You don’t want just anyone cutting your hair – especially someone that doesn’t have the first idea what a scene hairstyle even looks like! No, you need someone who is in touch with the scene. Preferably someone who actually has a scene hairstyle himself or herself.

4. Buy a straightener.

Even if you have naturally straight hair, a straightener is pretty much an essential tool for anyone interested in looking scene. Running all of your hair through a straightener will give extra emphasis to the choppy look of the haircut and will make your whole hairstyle stand out and look real and authentic. Getting a good straightener is a smart idea, because if you are serious about your new hairstyle, then you are going to want one that works well and will last. You don’t want to invest in a hair straightener that falls apart after a couple of months of use, so make sure you do your homework and buy one that is perfect. You will be glad you did in time when you have used it for ages and it still works great.

5. Consult your magazines again.

Once you have a haircut that you love, and once you’ve found a straightener that works well, it is time to reconsult all of the magazines that you looked at originally and start getting ideas for creative ways to take your style to the next level. This doesn’t have to be difficult, but pay extra attention to the ways different people style their hair and start coming up with ways you can make your hair stand out.

6. Consider a razor.

This isn’t an absolute necessity, but most scene hairstyles have at least some razor cutting to them. This just adds even more to the jagged, edgy look of the hairstyle, and adding extra razor cuts later on can be a great way to customize your style further. Consider going back to your hairstylist and showing him or her what you have done so far. A professional hairstylist will be able to give you great tips on how you can improve your hair even more, and may have opinions about using a razor on your hair. Listen to what he or she says.

7. Dye it.

If your hair is its natural color, then it isn’t scene. If you want to look scene you are going to have to dye your hair at least one color. How about choosing an auburn hair color? This is a great chance to start experimenting with the various colors that might look great on you. Go wild. If you pick a hair color that doesn’t work perfectly, you have learned something, which brings us to our next point.

8. Dye it even more.

One color is rarely enough for a good and creative scene hairstyle. If you really want to look good and you want a unique style that fits your personality while maintaining the allure of the scene, consider dying your hair three or more colors. Some of the most creative scene haircuts have colors that most people would disregard: especially white. White hair, if you can manage it, combined with a multitude of other colors is a great way to build a hairstyle that is very original.

9. Get extensions.

Have you ever seen a scene hairstyle that didn’t have extensions? Probably not. Even if you think you have, they were probably just very well placed and you didn’t notice them. Scene hairstyles need extensions as much or more than they need color and a jagged, choppy look, because the extensions make the chopped up aesthetic so much more clear. Without the extensions, it just doesn’t work.

10. Get real extensions.

There is a real and serious reason why you should not get synthetic extensions. You cannot straighten them well at all. Since you are going to be straightening your hair quite a lot, it is important that you invest in high quality, natural extensions. You will notice the difference immediately, and they really do look amazing.

11. Accessorize.

You are finally ready for what is arguably the most important (and fun) part of creating your scene hairstyle. Accessories. Find anything (literally anything) to put in your hair; the less conventional it is, the better it will look. If you aren’t sure what to start with, then go with really simple stuff like bobby pins and bows, and then expand into stranger stuff as you go along. You can work with band pins and ribbons and things like that down the road and really create a hairstyle that everyone will be jealous of. Once you get started it will get easier and easier to find things that make you look unique and original.

The World is Your Hair-styling Oyster

At this point, it is all about what you want to do. Finding new and unique ways to master your style takes time and practice, but as you continue to find things you like and experiment with them, you will find scene haircuts that perfectly fit the look that you are going for. In time and with practice you will look like it naturally comes to you.

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