25+ Short Black Haircuts and African American Women Hairstyles

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So spring is here and you want to change or freshen up your hairstyle. From a short cute pixie style to a stylish bob – you will have a variety of African American Black Hairstyles to look through and choose from. Because life is about making good choices and having fun. When choosing the Short Black hairstyle there are always a few things you need consider other than how much you like the style in question. Like for example the amount of time you are ready to spend on your hair, some styles are more demanding than others. Or your hair texture, some styles can work well with some textures and with some you have to go against the natural texture.

Cute Pixie Cut With Blonde Fringe Tips

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A pixie cut is one of those awesome styles that never seem to go out of style. You can freshen it up with some nice blonde tips all over your hair or just on your fringe like in the picture. Keep the sides of your head on the shorter side unless you want to get more width in your cheekbones.

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