40+ Short Haircuts for Men

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Men have always been on the shorter side when it comes to easy hairstyles. Even though some men prefer the longer styles, most men like it short and simple to maintain. However, over the last decade or so, men have learned to care more for how they look, how they dress, and how they comb their hair. Many of the most popular styles still feature the basic short hair but there is now an added twist into the style that will make it adjust to a men’s personality and aura. In this article, we present 75 short haircuts for men, from the classic cuts to the modern ones and even including some taper haircuts.

Our list of the best Short Haircuts for Men

1) The simple short clean cut with the added thin beard for added manliness.

2) A clean, short and stylish cut for that boy-next-door look.

3) A sleek and modern look. Short sides and long, mohawk-like top.

4) This one allows the short front bangs to fall into the center part.

5) The classic clean one-sided haircut.

6) A variation of the short side long top style but this one has it brushed to the side.

7) A longer faux hawk style.

8) The clean faux hawk cut that never fails.

9) One way to wear the short-side, long-top style is to brush them upfront.

10) The medium length faux hawk.

11) One variation of the modern tapered side and long-top style.

12) A shorter version of the faux hawk cut.

13) A faux hawk cut but styled in an uneven way.

14) A messy and futuristic styling of the faux hawk.

15) A familiar buzz cut for the men on the go.

16) A combination of buzz cut and short faux hawk.

17) A care-free version of a longer faux hawk style.

18) Another simple and care-free variation of a medium length faux hawk.

19) Nothing beats the clean regular haircut.

20) The Ivy league haircut that fits the preppy guy.

21) The style that is more known as the quiff.

22) A modern touch of the faux hawk.

23) A flat-top style with a bit longer fringes.

24) The shortest of all short haircuts.

25) The pompadour style.

26) Another Harvard cut.


27) A mix of tapered cut and pompadour.

28) A clean Ivy league cut.

29) A regular haircut for the men of age.

30) Tapered sides and longer top hair.

31) The modern pompadour style.

32) A curly touch of the tapered-side, long-top haircut.

33) Nothing is cleaner than the slicked back style.

34) Another Ivy league cut for that smarty look.

35) Another version of the quiff style.

36) A semi-undercut regular cut.

37) A more classic look for the faux hawk style.

38) Talk about care-free style. This one suits that well.

39) A mix of the quiff and pompadour style.

40) An Ivy league cut with fringes raised.

41) A clean and neat butch cut.

42) A shorter version of the faux hawk.

43) A side-parted mohawk.

44) A tapered-side, long-top style.


45) A medium length faux hawk for a cleaner look.

46) A modern uptight bowl cut.

47) The boy-next-door pompadour style.

48) A medium length quiff style.

49) A modern and clean tapered-side and top spikes.

50) Talking of spikes, this one spikey hairstyle was once a common style.

51) A medium length pompadour style.

52) A regular cut with long fringes brushed down.

53) A spikey look of the tapered-side, long -top style.

54) A buzz cut style mixed with the Harvard cut style.

55) The regular side-parted preppy hairstyle.

56) A regular cut with unsymmetrical parting.

57) A more wavy version of the previous style.

58) Medium length fringes and regular cut sides.

59) Another variation of the Harvard cut.

60) Medium length sides with a faux hawk style top.

61) The wavy form of the short faux hawk style.

62) One care-free and messy-hair look.

63) A longer version of the butch cut.

64) A regular wavy bowl cut.

65) One clean slicked-back cut.

66) A wavy version of the tapered-side, long-top style.

67) Another clean grown butch cut.

68) A sleek medium length pompadour style.

69) A wavy look at the tapered-side, long-top style.

70) A mix of the butch cut and long-top style.

71) A bowl cut where fringes are parted on the sides.

72) One version of the modern longer fringes and tapered sides.

73) A typical faux hawk style for the bad-boy look.

74) A boy-next-door Ivy league cut.

75) A medium length Harvard cut.

Did you get any inspiration for a short haircut for men?

The list could go on and on, but we have limited ourselves to 75 of the most familiar and best-looking short haircuts for men. It is only a sample of the many possibilities a man can cut his hair short but it all boils down to the personality and taste of each man. The kind of lifestyle and image he wants to portray will also be an important consideration in choosing the best haircut for him. And no matter what kind of hairstyle you have, it’s how you carry your hairstyle that matters the most and if you feel happy and confident with it, it will really show in how you present yourself to others.

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