50+ Short Hairstyles for Women: What Are the options?

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Have you been wanting a new hairstyle? Is it time for you to go for the look you have always wanted? Then you should know that there are tons of options available for you and one of these is to try opting for short haircuts. If you are unaware of it, then you should know that there are lots of stunning short hairstyles for women. For one, you can go for the bob haircut, a hairstyle that is cut in a single length just right below your jaw line. This type of hairstyle gives curls that can frame your face. Bob haircut is a classy and clean look that will surely look good on different face shapes.

Short Hairstyles for Women: What Are the options?

If you have an oval face, a pixie haircut will surely look great on you. A pixie hairstyle is much shorter than the bob haircut and is thinned into layers from the sides to the bottom. This type of haircut also works for various shapes of faces. For those with square-shaped faces, on the other hand, a spiky hair cut would be the best choice. This gives a spiky and disheveled hairstyle with low cut sides and added volume on the top. Layers are great options as well, as it could add fullness to faces that are round in shape. Layers also go well with side bangs for a more zinged personality.

For long faces, chin length bobs are the perfect choice. Side bangs are also recommended for those with long faces to cover the forehead and make the face look shorter or smaller. V-shaped hairstyles are also stunning, especially with short layers particularly on the side and front. Waves and curls, on the other hand, are great for adding width to those with long faces. However, make sure that you do not go for extremely short hairstyles, especially if you do have a long face. Apart from these, there are other haircuts that you can try that will best suit the shape of your face so make sure that you explore all options available for you before making a final decision.

If you want to go for an African-American hairstyle, you must first make a plan before you decide to have your hair cut. Remember that when it comes to new hairstyles, you can always refer to magazines for reference. If you have a favorite hairdresser, you can also seek her advice regarding the hairstyle of your choice. She can help you decide whether your chosen hairstyle will suit the shape of your face by cutting your hair by inches. A pixie cut could be your best option where your hair lies flat on your head while the back portion of your hair remains close to your scalp.

Dreadlocks are great options as well. You can add variations to it by simply adding two strands of twisted hair to it. Jheri Curls are great, too, but this involves the process of curling your hair mechanically and cutting it in an extremely short length. Of course, you can always ask for a professional’s advice to determine which African-American hairstyle will suit you best – your personality along with your facial features. As much as possible, do not just cut your hair short without making any solid plans to avoid ending up in a disaster.

If you have fine hair, then you should know that there are lots of choices available for you as well and the most popular choice would be a blunt bob. This type of hairstyle sits below the level of the ear. It may seem too short, but it can surely give your face a stunning appearance. Apart from that, this type of hairstyle can also make fine hair look a lot thicker than normal. A crop haircut is another great option. This type of hairstyle can give you a youthful and casual look with your hair cut short and tapered on the neck area for a sleeker look.

In case you have naturally curly hair, you should not worry about finding the right haircut for you. There are different types of easy hairstyles suitable for curly hair that will surely look good on you, regardless of your face shape. For one, you might want to try going for a curly bob or a graduated bob which both looks good for those with curly hair. However, both hairstyles may require the use of a styling cream or gel to keep it in good form. Afro puffs are great short hairstyles for women, too. With this style, the hair is pulled into a ponytail to come up with an Afro puff look. Aside from these, another great style is spirals. This can be achieved by cutting the hair short and chemically spiral waving it. This is one of those hairstyles that can surely bring out the girlish charm in you.

Other Hairstyle Options

Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are lots of other short haircuts women can choose from. If you want your hair to have a voluminous side, you can go for the wedge cut. This type of haircut is suitable for those with thick hair, as well as those with wavy or curly hair. However, a wedge cut is not advisable for those with fine hair. In case you want to make a statement, a skater cut can help you with that. This is a popular punk hairstyle wherein the top area of the hair is grown out while the side and back area is shaved off. If you want to have a youthful appearance, a crop hairstyle would be great for you. To achieve this, you hair should be cut closer to your head and the back part should be tapered close to your neck.

These are just some of the hairstyles available for you if you are already tired of your long hair. All these haircuts can surely add more zing to your personality and help you make a bold statement and wild look. Then again, you have to remember that short hairstyles for women must suit the shape of your face – round, square, or oval shape. The outcome of the style may also depend on the texture of the hair, so make sure to seek professional advice first before cutting your hair short.

Adding bangs to your chosen hairstyle can also help enhance your facial features. You can highlight your flattering eyes by opting for long sweeping bangs or blunt bangs. If you have an oval face, you can go for chin length bobs. Remember that when it comes to short hairstyles for women, you can look into a long list of options available for you. However, if you cannot carry a short hair or you are not confident about it, giving it a second thought would be great before cutting your hair short and regretting it in the end.

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