50 Side Ponytail Updo Hairstyles and How-To Steps Video

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Side ponytail updo has been very popular in era of 80s and 90s since the styles went to simple and chic image. But side ponytail updo never be so old to apply as it always suit your fashion style. Even side ponytail updo are identical with oldies style, it does not mean that you look old wearing side ponytail updo. Side ponytail updo can match every your fashion or cloth if you can do a little creativity well. Even side ponytail is so simple updo hairstyle; you have to make something special on your side ponytail updo.

Ponytail Updo Hairstyles

If you want to make a side ponytail updo for your special occasion, notice some steps below to get some important points to make side ponytail updo. First thing, you have to decide what kind of dress you will wear. Take for an example, you will wear classic mini dress with blink accent, I suggest you to make side ponytail updo in simple first, then make some wavy accent on you pony, then let your hair tail loose smoothly with wavy hair. Second step is about settlement of your side ponytail updo.

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If your hair is too short to have side ponytail updo, do not even think to make your hair become in this way. Short hair is not enough to have side ponytail updo since there will be no tail behind your head. Side ponytail updo is suitable to women who have long hair. But wait a little while, long hair can sometime ruin your side ponytail updo if you can make good arrangement of your hair. Combing neatly and properly your hair and pinning your bundle in to right way can make your hair easily to set; after all you can explore how you make something different on your ponytail. You can take hair rolls or having head ban to support your side ponytail updo.

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