25+ Simple Bun Hairstyles for Busy Moms

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Being a mom is a real blessing, however sometimes women feel the lack of time even for the simplest things like hairstyle or makeup. Being a mom doesn’t mean you should lose your femininity and sexuality. All you have to do is to learn few simple tricks that will help you to have attractive and elegant look in less than ten minutes. The easiest way to have neat and elegant look is to opt for simple pulled up hairstyles. Due to versatility of up-do hairstyles you will be able to choose the most suitable one for your hair texture and face shape.

The Latest Bun Hairstyles

Still, the most popular and easy to do pulled up hairstyle is simple bun up-do that will be a perfect lifesaver for bad hair days. Furthermore, bun up-do will be suitable for all hair textures so that you will not have to style your hair beforehand. Just check out few styling steps that will help you to create stylish hairstyle. First of all determine the parting that will match your face shape. You can also backcomb your tresses for neat and polished look. On the other hand, if you have a bang, you can leave it loose.

Moms Hair Styles

Next, decide whether you want to create low bun or top knot. Both styles will look stylish and elegant. Loose messy bun hairstyles are very popular this season, so do not try to create tight tail, just pull your hair back and tie it in a loose ponytail. Next, separate the tail into three sections and twist each one around the band. Secure each section with bobby pins. In order to add messy touch to your bun, pull few strands and leave them loose to frame your face. At last finish your simple bun hairstyle with cute hair accessory like headband, flower accessory or hair clip.

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