35+ Simple Long Hairstyles for Office and Home

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Simple hairstyles are easy to handle and maintain also it is convenient to carry them during working at home or at the office. There are different styles to do the simple long hairstyle which are: It is easy to handle the long hair by making pony of the hair. Brush the hair to the backside and away from the face.


Then let the hair fall and brush the hair to the bottom. Then add the hair tie or rubber band to the hair, which hold the hair to the back in shape of pony. In this way, you can adopt the simple long hairstyle to look beautiful and stunning.


The women should brush their hair and start from top and down to the bottom of the hair. Then divide your hair into three equal sections. Then start making braid of the hair, you should start from the right to the middle then left to the middle and in this way, complete the braid of your hair, which is a beautiful addition.


Bun is another hairstyle, which is easy to make in the hair. Women brush the hair and take the hair to the back side and let them fall down. Then hold the hair near the neck and start wrapping the hair around. When all the hair are wrapped, then add the hair pin or hair tie to hold them strong. This hairstyle does not take more than two or three minutes.

Braided Bun

This simple long hairstyle is combination of two different hairstyles. First start combing of your hair and take to the bottom to make the hair straight. Then make braid of the hair by splitting them into three equal sections. After completing braid, start wrapping of hair around and in each wrap, add one bobby pin and finally secure the braided bun with the hair tie. This hairstyle is very easy and it takes less time to complete and give a tremendous and elegant looking to your personality.


It is a little bit difficult but not tough as it takes time to get the waves in the hair. The women take bath at night time and wash their hair with fine quality shampoo. Then they should let the hair dry and after that make the braid of their hair and go to sleep for the whole night. When they wake up at night, they open the braid of their hairs; they will get waves in their hair, which will be a stunning style for their simple long hairstyle.

Bang Curls and Bun

In the simple long hairstyle, this is the most beautiful and elegant hairstyle, which can creates beauty and charm in the personality of the women. Wash all of your hair and bangs also, then put all your hair to the back. Then make the hair straight with the pencils and roll the hair up. Then use the curler in the hair and finish them with an iron. Make pony of the hair and make them in shape of braids. Then wrap the braid into the bun.

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