65+ Stylish Shaggy Hairstyles

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Hairstyle plays a vital role in personal grooming. To maintain an attractive hairstyle often becomes hectic or much time consuming, but there are haircuts that can reduce your maintaining effort and enhance your looks greatly. Shaggy hairstyle is one of such haircuts. Here are a few hairy hairstyle suggestions with tips for managing them.

Rocker Chic

It is shaggy cut with medium hair length in rocking style. It suits to all face types but is excellent with finely textured hair. To maintain a style in this cut blow dry your hair using paddle brush to make inward curl at tips.

Coquette Chamber

This style is best for round, oval and heat shape faces and medium to thick hair. It is a combination of flipped out flair and feathered layers. Blow drying using round brush creates awesome youth effect in your personality. Finally use hairspray to hold the style for long hours.

Crimson Crush

This amazing cut is created by double fringes one with blunt cut and other with sharp tipped flair. It suits best to oval, square and round face and is easy to maintain. Simply blow dry your hair using down strokes of paddle brush. It will reduce the volume of hair and give a neat and attractive looks.

Shattered Layers

If you bear thick hair and willing to minimize this thickness shattered layers are excellent option. It is created by cutting hair in disjointed layers. To manage this cut simply use blow dry leaving tips straight. For best result you can iron these shattered layers and give a final touch by mild hairspray.

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