Is your hairstyle different, interesting or trendy? Do you want other people to see how creative you can be with your hair? Do you want to become an Internet star? Well submit your own hairstyle to and we’ll feature you on our website.

Submit-your-own-hairstyle We are accepting submission of any shape and form of hairstyle that you think merits a place in our website. We even accept selfies.

If you are a budding hairstylist and you want your new creation be made known but be properly credited for it? Then wait no more and submit your own hairstyles here on The Latest Hairstyles.

We are allotting this page for all of you creative and brave souls out there. Whether it is an innovation of a past or current hairstyle, a weird avant-garde type you want to try, or your very own idea of how the next hairstyle for men and women should be, do not hesitate to send us a copy of your wonderful creation.

How can you send it?

Well, here are simple steps to follow:

  1. The photo should be at least 600 pixels in width and in JPEG format.
  2. You should include a brief description of your own hairstyle, what it is and why it’s good.
  3. Create a unique name for your hairstyle.
  4. Send it to us by email at

Then off you go. Come back to our site and who knows your hairstyle might be the next featured style and someday it may be the next big thing.

Send them now!

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